WordPress.Com Vs. WordPress.Org
August 10th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

Blogging is a growing trend nowadays. A lot of ordinary people are actually getting celebrity status just by blogging (think seaofshoes.com, Perezhilton.com and bryanboy.com) about things that interest them. Fashion, technology, food, travel – even just about random cuteness. While there are sites that offer blog-like options for would-be bloggers such as Tumblr, these can be very limiting, especially if you want your blog site to eventually evolve into a proper website.

If you do want your own domain, WordPress.com is the perfect website to sign up. There are two options to go with WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.Org. What website

you choose depends on what you plan and need for your site and the resources available to you.

WordPress.com is Open Source software. This means that signing up for the website is free and you can modify the design, layout and content of whatever it is you want with your

WordPress.com domain with no fee. You can create blogs, microsites, or whatever it is you feel like having. But like all things free, it has its limits.

Similar to WordPress.com, WordPress.org can also be used for creating blogs. However, it does not host your domain for free. While it basically has the same offerings as WordPress.com, you will need to pay a separate domain host provider use WordPress.Org.

The Pros and Cons of WordPress.com and WordPress.Org

WordPress.com does not allow its users to include advertisements on their sites. Since you are using it for free, there’s no need to advertise for money! Unlike WordPress.Org where you can have as much ads as you want!

WordPress.com also has limited customization options, but it has enough choices for start up blogs. This is best for would-be bloggers with no budget. Meanwhile, WordPress.Org requires some sort of knowledge on codes – that is if you want to do everything on your own. If not, you can still use their pre-set themes and layout designs.

Once your WordPress.com blog becomes popular, you may want to have your own domain with WordPress.Org. Should you decide on this, you may have to change your domain name? Simply publish redirecting entry to direct your readers to the new site. Or you can also simultaneously update both sites (although that would be time-consuming on your part.

WordPress in General

WordPress is perfect for starting bloggers to the most experience online celebrity with web development background. This Open Source software offers a variety of custom themes any user can choose from. It has also integrated stats tracker – useful to track number of hits of your site. It also offers spam protection, auto-save, spell check, tagging, automatic ping, sidebar widgets, plug-ins, and support. You can even have a multiple author option. Start blogging with your friends!

In addition to those mentioned above, WordPress.Org offers domain and email customization and allows advertising. This is a plus for corporate and business websites.

When you choose between WordPress.com or WordPress.Org, think about your long term plan for your blog, and how you will use it. Starting bloggers usually get a domain from WordPress.com as a practice blog. Test out the design, layout and topics you want for your blog. Also, gather readership first before switching to a paid website at WordPress.Org.

Once you’ve established a solid following, one that may require you to create a Facebook fan page, and when advertisements suddenly start pouring in, switching to WordPress.Org is the next step. It will be easy, even if you have to change domain names since you are already assured of a following. You may or may not terminate your free WordPress.com site.