Using WordPress Easily
June 29th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

Blogging is surely one of the most popular activities in the online world nowadays. It enables you to share more information or to even entertain. It is also being used by some to earn more money. But whatever your purpose is, it is always to get a reliable blog hosting site if ever you intend to join the bandwagon. One of the most popular blog hosts nowadays is the WordPress. It is very popular since it has pre-loaded templates and its basic features are available for free. Well, setting up an account with them can be difficult for some. So if you want to have your own blog through WordPress, just follow these steps for an easier blogging experience:

  • Visit To begin your journey on blogging, search for the “get started here” button. This is located on the left side of their home page.
  • As soon as you start, you will be prompt to a page wherein you have to fill in the required information details. This includes your preferred e-mail address, username, and the like. When you are done, you must click the “sign up” button. Well, it is always advisable to read the terms of services and the privacy policy provided by WordPress to make sure of your rights and their regulations in their web page. Your URL will always contain the WordPress tag. To remove this, you must pay an annual fee for it.
  • Once you are done signing up, you will have to wait for an activation email. You must log-in to the email that you have given when you registered. When you have received the mail, you must click the “activate blog” button. This automatically leads you to your new “Dashboard” Well, the dashboard actually serves as your control panel and it contains all the tools that you need for editing and creating blogs.
  • To give your blog site a more different tone; you must provide a title to your blog site. To do this, search for the “Settings” button and find for “General”. In this, you can create your own blog title and your preferred tagline. It also lets you edit your email account and even the privacy settings. It is always advisable to explore everything in your dashboard to make the most out of your blog site.
  • Provide a theme in your blog. This is essential so that your page becomes more presentable and more appealing. It gives you the opportunity to choose your own color scheme and to edit your own layout. To do this, search for the “Appearance” button in your dashboard. This automatically shows you pre-made themes and all you have to do is to choose the one that suits your preferences. Well, themes are available all the time. However, some themes are considered premium and may require a certain fee.
  • Once you are done browsing through with all the configurations, you can now create a new blog post. To do this, search for the “Posts” button

    then click “Add new”. Make sure that you create a catchy title and interesting post to gain more subscribers


  • Install widgets in your blog. WordPress offers a lot of popular widgets such as a search bar, Facebook “like it” option, archives option, and a whole lot more.
  • You can also create various pages in your WordPress blog and link it to your main posting wall. This is important especially if you are keen in categorizing the contents in your blog site. To do this, search for the “Page” button in your dashboard. Then, give that new page a title and write the content for that designated page.

WordPress is not that really hard to use. Through constant practice, you will surely get everything right away. When it comes to blogging, always take note of the content since some of your subscribers may find it offensive.