Top Tips for Effective Use of WordPress
May 9th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

We have listed some of the simplest and yet most practical and effective tips for WordPress beginners, in terms of making your site look more appealing and at the same time, user friendly.

It can be overwhelming to design your site, even with the help of WordPress, since there are just so many options for you out there. The options are not your enemies, they are tools to make sure that what you want

to happen, can happen.

Here is our collection of tips, specially written for WordPress beginners.

Don’t overstuff your side bar

The tendency is to place everything in the side bar:

  • Social media icons
  • Ads
  • Navigation
  • Cookie trail
  • Twitter feeds
  • Blog history

And so on. Please clean up this space since it is a premium web real estate area and you want to make sure that you retain its maximum impact. How do you know which icons and displays you can remove?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which of these features can convert my visitors from visitors to paying customers?
  • Which of the features can directly create more traffic to my site?
  • If I were a visitor to my site, which of these icons

    will be most useful to me?

Then relocate the others to other pages, in the menu or find another spot for them like the footer of the page (more on the footer below).

Organize your WordPress library

The WordPress library was created for a reason – it is not your bodega for storage. It is there to help you easily access your media so that you don’t need to upload things more than once.

Categorize your content for easy storage. Remember that a well organized library can shed minutes off your hours of working to keep your site updated and alive. Remember

to tag your media files, too, so that you can find them easily. Think of it as SEO-ing your media files so that you (playing the part of Google) can find what you are looking for, in just seconds.

Shorten Permalinks

The permalinks to your content or pages may be too long. While for others, they may think that this is good for SEO efforts, there are penalties now for overstuffing content. Make sure that the permalink aptly describes the information in the page and you can easily sum it up in three words. This makes the permalink easy to read for both human eyes and the crawling spiders of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

An example of which:

  • Instead of –It can be shortened to

Make the most out of the Footer

Your footer not just provides a summary of your menu items, it can also be another space for you to remind your users that you are on Facebook and Twitter. Traditionally, the footer is where you find extra information like the Contact Us links or About us.

You can also place the copyright message here. The footer is the place where the visitor can get to know the site’s owners so you can even have an accordion expand to a full fledged About Us section at this point.