Top Things You Should Know About JQuery
November 1st, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

Congratulations on deciding to use jQuery for your web projects. If you ask web developers today, most of them probably have worked with some jQuery scripts in the last 6 months. It is a quickly evolving trend and will most likely become a standard for creating sites that are compatible to most, if not all, of the browsers out there.

One of the “disadvantages” of using browser-based sites instead of downloadable and installable pc applications is that each browser may interpret the same code in a different way. Common differences include:

  • Interpretation of data in tables
  • Forms that are mis-aligned
  • Transparency of some graphical elements
  • Animations and transitions on galleries and displays

And many other more features. How do you solve this when there are so many types of browsers and there is no one clear preference by the people all over the world?

Jquery aims to address this by providing a library or a reference of web codes meant to address specific features or functions in a website. This includes displaying of scrollbars, animations, forms, AJAX-transitions of elements and the like. Where do we begin with jQuery? First, you have to know what its advantages are. What can it bring to the table?

jQuery Features

The top jQuery features include:

  • DOM traversal and modification, element selections and manipulations based on CSS
  • Ability to extend the framework via plugins
  • Support for AJAX, which also paves the way for simultaneous events
  • Support for multiple effects and animations with a higher compatibility rate across various browsers (with special attention to the top 4 – Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer)
  • Support for User Agent information and features detection, very useful for tablet or mobile devices

While it is important to understand that jQuery will not be your answer to ALL of your existing web

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development problems, you should also realize that this tool will be a good stepping stone for you to finish what you are supposed to be doing or at least, to get you out of a rut.

jQuery Plugins

What are the jQuery plugins that you can use? There are so many but you can start thinking about using these plugins below, since they are the most popular plus they answer most of the most frequently encountered problems in web developing:

  • iCarousel is a horizontal slider for images, which makes easy scrolling displays of products or banners in full display on your site. Depending on your images, this can create a streamlined and clean look for your pages.
  • Another photo or image display that uses a slideshow effect with fancy transitions per photo is offered by jqFancyTransitions.
  • For those who want that zoom in function for their product photos, you don’t need to build one from scratch. You can use Clove Moore, which acts like a magnifying glass zoom feature, perfect for product catalogs.
  • Create icons in various formats with Centvingtcinq, so that you can easily create icons for your navigation pane.