Top Social Media Plugins for Desktop and Mobile Web Sites
December 5th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

Every site must have some form of social media connection, whether this is Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn. This is something that is inevitable – you cannot fight the dominance of these social networks. So how are you going to insert the social media presence into your site?

Some export their site content into the social media platforms. Meaning, your updates in your .com site can be automatically exported to your Facebook or Twitter pages so that the transition is fast and seamless.

Or it can be the other way around – bring more traffic into your .com site by posting updates via your Facebook or Twitter accounts and then redirecting them into your actual site pages.

Whatever strategy you wish to use, you have to review these jQuery plugins for your social media interactions.

MouseOver for your icons

Your icons are your gateways to your social media pages. These need to be:

  • Easily visible
  • Clear and bright
  • 100% working

    for every click done

  • Points to the right page!

You can use MouseOver for your social bookmark icons so that you don’t need to create these icons. This widget has premade icons that adhere to the branding requirements of your respective social media networks.

Use Juitter

Juitter is an easy way to integrate Twitter activities into your .com pages. You don’t need to study the lengthy (and yet useful) documentation on the Twitter developer pages. All you need to study is how to paste this widget into your code (or install it onto your pages) so that you have your Twitter feed up and running in no time.

There are other Twitter widgets on jQuery but this is one of the most frequently used widgets.


Sharre is a plugin that makes it super easy for you and your visitors to share your .com content into their preferred social network accounts. How does this work?

For example, you have an article about your featured new product. Some

people want to “Like” or to “Tweet” your product and you have to make this action very easy to do. What is easier than a single

click, right?

When the person clicks on the “like” or “tweet” button from Sharre, then you are posting your content on their behalf, into their respective social network communities. This means higher views for your product and eventually, higher traffic to your specific page.

Some share buttons display how many people

have liked or tweeted a certain page. This encourages other visitors to do the same.

Make sharing easy with a button

Encourage your visitors to share your web content especially via Twitter by having a button in your pages. This URL shortener truncates your URL so that you don’t need to have a really compact URL to be shared via Twitter or Facebook. Although it is still a benefit to have a shorter URL, sometimes, it also helps to have a few keywords that are relevant to your content placed in it. This means that you may not have the freedom to significantly shorten it.

Don’t build your own URL shortener – just use this button from jQuery and you are good to go.