Top 5 Features of iPage’s WordPress
June 13th, 2013 by admin | Type: Standard

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WordPress refers to an online tool that is used for publishing texts in the web in the form of blogs, articles, reviews, or other written materials. This has conveniently helped web developers and online guests in getting involve with each other and creating feedbacks or comments. This allows a more dynamic interaction and a greater chance of site popularity as people are better hooked up with things in which they have personal connections with. This makes WordPress a good strategy for online developers in bringing their audience closer to the site and its contents.

Top Features of WordPress

iPage sees the good impact of having an online interaction in their pages. This is why they included WordPress as one of its advance supports. This feature primarily allows its clients to incorporate blogs, articles, literary works, reviews, and other writings on their sites. This also allows the viewers to leave their personal comments to the page. Apart from that, it helps to increase the site’s search engine optimization and allows a better grip at achieving a good traffic. Here are the top 5 benefits that WordPress support gives to your site:

  • An unlimited hosting at a very affordable rate– this is at only $3.50 per month. This is already very affordable considering the advantage that it will have for your site, not to mention the huge possibility of acquiring an even better traffic for your page.
  • An advertisement credit on huge sites– this includes credits for Yahoo!, Google, and Facebook. This again increases the chance of being seen on the first page of their search results and subsequently achieving a lot more online guests.
  • Single click installation features– this increases the efficiency of site activities and time management. It also makes work easier and fun.
  • The green energy– WordPress on iPage is environment friendly because this web hosting provider uses wind energy to supply its system and all of its advance features and activities instead of employing fossil fuels that emits large amounts of harmful chemicals. You may not directly know it but with the choice that you made to utilize the service, you may have already helped environmentally by not adding to the pollution.
  • The “anytime money back guarantee” feature– this is what iPage’s WordPress promises its clients with. It just goes to show that iPage is confident enough that its WordPress support is helpful and essential to its members.

More about WordPress on iPage

iPage’s WordPress had evidently been proven to be of great advantage for its members. It has already achieved a huge number of websites utilizing this support and had gotten great reviews from it. Over the years, it has about a million and a half domain names that are keeping the service because of the greater advantage that comes along with it. Its uptime is also not affected by this advance support as it maintained to accomplish the 99% record.

The Importance of WordPress

Every site owner wants to excel online. This is measured according to the number of guests that reaches your site. This success doesn’t just happen without proper site plan. A certain website can achieve this if they have something on their site that will keep people entertained. One of the basic strategies employed to keep up with this goal is the use of texts, in the form of articles, blogs, or other write ups, and incorporating it on the site. This is made possible with WordPress. Here are some other important things that are accomplished with its application on your sites:

  • It adds to the credibility of your site especially because WordPress is also being utilized by other prominent pages. It makes people realize that you are also using the same material that other reliable sites are utilizing.
  • It allows you to create a structure for your page and its contents giving you a good outline and a better organization of your inputs
  • It enables you to work on your texts and make it appear more presentable and enticing to the eyes of the readers.
  • It is compatible on mobile gadgets such as smartphones and androids. This is very important considering that internet viewing is now made handier with the use of such devices.