Top 3 Things You Should Know About WordPress
August 26th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

There’s a lot of buzz around WordPress – is it worth the hype or is it the easy route into web developing? Some web developers think that WordPress is a novice’s way out of a sticky, web developing situation. But not all people know that knowing how to customize WordPress themes and making your site work well is not that easy as it may seem, even if you are already on WordPress.

We will debunk some myths about WordPress today and we have gathered the five most important things that you

must remember about WordPress. Now when you canvas for the right hosting partner for you, you can appreciate if they support WordPress.

#1: WordPress is not just for blogging

Although used primarily by bloggers at first, WordPress is NOT just for bloggers. A lot of huge sites, like CNN, are powered by WordPress. Why do they choose to use WordPress?

Creating your own CMS or content management system is not the

easiest thing in the world

. When you have a free tool with excellent documentation (see our tip about Codex), you really cannot say no to that.

WordPress can help you build websites for the following:

  • A fully functional e-commerce site complete with a shopping cart, handsome gallery and a login/sign up feature
  • An image or video-heavy site that amasses user generated content
  • An easy-to-update fashion blog that allows you to post directly from your mobile phone like the iPhone

These are just a few examples on how WordPress can help you speed up your web development time. It also helps you less dependent to web developers, to a certain extent, especially if you are not aiming to customize the themes and plugins.

#2: WordPress and are two different things

Now before you think that “hey I already have wordpress!” because you have a URL, think again. Here are the main differences between WordPress, the installable CMS into your own hosting server versus the domain.

WordPress (downloadable and installable kit) can be installed into your own domain. You don’t see right? You see This means that WordPress was installed into their server. You are not using or storing your contents into the site.

WordPress allows you to install plugins and even edit the themes. Compare that to setting up a site on that just allows you to use the themes as is, and does not allow the inclusion of plugins.

Both of them are free although there are premium themes that you can opt to pay for.

#3 The right theme can make or break your site

Speaking of themes, the right theme can really elevate your site into something

that is truly memorable. Do not think that all themes look the same! Some themes work best for galleries while some allow a lot of easy and yet effective customization work.

In order to choose the right theme for you, assess what type of content you will be posting. Is it mostly images? Do you need easy navigation of your content? Write down everything that you need to display and your ideal layout before you search the thousands of themes available.