Top 10 – Most important tips in Domain registration
April 11th, 2013 by admin | Type: Standard

The Internet has become the heart and home of most modern businesses. With this is mind, it can be said that domain names are extremely essential since it serves as the home’s address. It is a crucial part of branding an organization and establishing an online identity all over the world. It is the first thing that the customers encounter when they try to reach you. Don’t inflict damage on your own company by using domain names that will put off potential clients. Here are some other vital aspects in registering a domain name that needs to be considered.

  • Consider the geographical reach of the domain name. If you plan on expanding your business internationally, it is a must to choose a top level domain. This means if you plan on operating only in the United Kingdom, a and a .com domain are enough. However, if you plan on expanding to operate Europe eventually, it may be prudent to secure a .EU domain as well. It is always advisable to consider your company’s growth thank skimp a few dollars.
  • Always check if the domain name is available. If you have yet to register the name of your business, it may be wise to check beforehand if the domain name to match it is also available. Do not waste your resources building the business around a domain name that you may not even be able to register. This is one of several things that you need to do first before setting out to build the business. If the name that you want is not available, go and check the list of domain names that have already expired. This could prove beneficial, as there already exists backlinks that could boost your sites ranking faster.
  • Check the name’s SEO potential. Always check if the domain name that you want is SEO-friendly. You can do this by ascertaining if the name contains business-related keywords. This can have a significant effect on your SEO strategy eventually. A good tip is to include at least a single keyword in the domain name text.
  • 4. Short domain names are better. As with other words, the shorter it is, the easier it gets memorized. A good tip for keeping the domain name short is to use the company’s initials combined with a keyword that says something about it. For example, if a certain Brian Greer owns a book selling shop, instead of, it could be easier to remember A shorter domain name is also much easier to type.
  • Do not use hyphens and other special characters. Your domain name is not a password. You want other people to know the name and remember it. Special characters make it a little harder to memorize.
  • Always check the spelling. It is important to remember that once the name has been registered, you will have a harder time correcting any errors, particularly in spelling, in your domain name. Take your time and verify the spelling that you have typed before clicking on the checkout button. Registrars do not normally give refunds for your mistakes.
  • Get other people’s opinion regarding your domain name. A good way of checking whether your viewers and potential clients will like your domain name is to have it evaluated by other people first. Provide them with options or a list of potential domain names and ask them which one they prefer. Get the opinion of people outside your company as well.
  • Make the name memorable. In this aspect, you need to rely on your creativity to find the domain name that is short, original, and catchy at the same time. Having a memorable domain name can boost your reputation and sales.
  • Do not choose domain names that are registered trademarks. Avoid any legal issues down the road by steering away from domain names that somebody else owns trademark rights to. This goes hand in hand with the tip about choosing a domain name that is already registered.
  • Shop around to get the best price. Your company’s domain name is an investment. Make sure that you make it count by choosing a registrar that will give you value for your money.

Now that you know the top tips in registering a domain name, go out and secure the best domain name for your business.