Top 10 Great Features of iPage’s WordPress
May 1st, 2013 by admin | Type: Standard


WordPress is a tool widely used to be able to publish written materials online. This is how most web developers are able to put in blogs and other forms of prints on their websites. Publishing data, nowadays, is not anymore that difficult with the emergence of WordPress. You just need simple clicks and paste-works to have it done.

iPage’s WordPress

WordPress is a feature that iPage is able to support for the convenience of having the needed writings on their client’s websites. This is highly recognized because blogs, articles, and other forms of literary works or write ups add to any page’s diversity and even increases the ability of the site to be searched by large search engines provided that you are able to use the right keywords. Let us look into the top features of this iPage’s WordPress:

  • This is at a very affordable price of only $3.50 per month. Surely, with the advantages that this offers, you will be able to get that amount back with your site’s revenue on countless folds. With it, you will also be able to enjoy unlimited hosting.
  • It gives you ad credits or marketing credits to huge sites including Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. Having this will increase the ability of your site to be seen thus improving your site’s traffic and subsequently, your profits.
  • It keeps a 99% uptime record and is able to prove its ability to maintain that with its years of web existence. The uptime record is a great deal because it will mark your site’s availability and even reliability. It is best that once people navigate to your page, you wouldn’t be caught up unavailable or else your potential clients might never visit your site again.
  • There is the establishment of single-click installations which increases the ease of adding extra details and features for your site. This saves time and increases the amount of work that you accomplished.
  • iPage’s WordPress had also been able to accommodate millions of websites without much of a problem.
  • It is also able to support a million and a half of great domain names that are satisfied with its service.
  • It uses the green energy which is environment friendly.
  • It is easy to use with just a matter of simple clicksand navigations.
  • Publishing it is not a bit of a problem. This process just takes seconds for your works to be readily seen on the web.
  • It is World Class and has been employed even by known bloggers. This just proves how trusted WordPress really is.

Limitations of WordPress

Every website has its own special feature. WordPress usually fits in on all types of pages but there are also exemptions to it. The purpose and the structure of your website will determine if WordPress can be used for it. Here are the types of sites that exempt the use of WordPress:

  • WordPress is not fit for websites employing cloud hosting.
  • WordPress is not best for websites with very high requirement for traffic.
  • WordPress is not best for those web pages needing high levels of support from its administrators.


More About WordPress

Those types of websites that does not need WordPress support can be sum up to be the pages that need really high standards. These are the websites of very huge and well known companies. This means that if you are not starting a website as big as Yahoo or Google, then, WordPress would surely still be something that you can employ on your site. The good thing about this is that if you are a beginner, you can use this to easily set-up your page with the necessary write ups that can add up to the quality of your site. WordPress is also a great feature as it will enable you to format your web pages so that it will directly be viewed on mobile gadgets without the need of additional applications.