Tips to Earn Income from Domain Names and Web Hosting
May 15th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

There is money in Domain name and web hosting… This information may be new to some but this has been a new trending in internet marketing. Those who have technical understanding on SEO (Search Optimization Engine) basically has in depth knowledge on how this system works. There is big money in this kind of business without requiring much of a work and investment.

Know the Basic Terminology

If you want to learn how to earn extra income from your Domain names and web hosting, it is important to learn some important terminology:

  • Domain name – is the unique address or URL that you type in your browser in

    visiting a website.

  • Reseller program – is an affiliate program where you need to sign up for you to sell various web products including, but not limited to Domain name and Web hosting.
  • Reseller Hosting – is a web business trend that allows an account owner to use his/her storage space and bandwidth to host third party websites.

Understanding the procedure

The procedure is likened to the ordinary transaction in the usual market business; however the products here only involve domain names and web hosting. The procedure involves two (2) transactions…that is BUYING and SELLING.

Before you can earn income from domain names, the first thing that you should do is to buy domain names. The more domains you have the more chances of earning a nice profit. As a plus, you might want to engage in reseller hosting where you can set up hosting account for each domain you intend to sell. In this way, you can market your domain name in a package price for web hosting.

After having bunch of this product (Domain Names), the next thing that you do is to market your product in a way to earn profit. Marketing strategy involves:

  • Developing the domain by customizing its design and content
  • Marketing domain name with added hosting package
  • Developing Domain by preparing it for SEO

The HOW in buying

In buying a domain, you must first ascertain whether this domain name is profitable or not. Visit forums and research what domain names are in demand in the internet market. Domain names that are profitable are those one or two words domains of widely used keywords. Most of these domains are already registered. Since registration is subject to expiration, many find extra time in waiting when this domain will expire and if the owner failed to renew, they acquire it for themselves awaiting big buck opportunity.

Domain names are relatively affordable, ranging its prices from $10 to $12 each. There are also discounted transactions in buying bulk purchases. With less amount

of investment as a startup capital, you’ll definitely earn good profit if you engage in this business and know the marketing strategy involve.

The HOW in selling

Domains that are commonly used in the business industry, those that are widely used in new business trends and technology, like smartphones for example will surely a hot cake in Domain selling. Finding a good name is the basic foundation in earning good profit in this field. If you have it, you’ll surely be saving your penny for advertising costs. However, if you want to add the most out of your domain name, here are some tips to improve its cost

and marketability.

  • Package hosting account with your domain name
  • Develop your domain by including content design and web content as one package
  • Develop your domain by making it SEO ready

Earn money in 4 Simple Steps

    • Sign up for Domain registration.
    • Register and join a reseller program. AS reseller program has great deals in domain names and reseller hosting.
  • Customize your products and price offer by login in to reseller control panel
  • Generate more traffic in your site by utilizing SEO method. The better traffic you generate, the more sales will likely be achieved.