Things to Know about iPage and WordPress
December 24th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

Content management systems are now becoming more and more popular for their convenience and functionality. They can easily let you publish blog posts or photo galleries without any hassle at all. They also offer cool themes and templates that are very much easy to install. So even if you are just a newbie, you can easily get by. Nowadays, one of the most popular content management tools is WordPress.

The Real Deal

with WordPress

WordPress is a great content management tool that allows you to publish photos, videos, text files, and a whole lot more. It kind of serves like an online journal because once you publish what you have typed, it will automatically appear in your site. It is very much in demand as it provides thousands of cheap or free themes and widgets that make your site more beautiful and more presentable. It also allows you to synchronize easily with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook without any special source codes or difficult programming software. It is also quite important to know that WordPress is a free system and is an open source. Without any difficulty, you can easily use the source codes in their themes or programs for different customizations.

So, Is WordPress Helpful to You?

If you are still in doubt whether you should install WordPress or not, let us first discuss those things that it can offer you. For one, it enables you to post your entries or photos right away. There is no need anymore to sync your contents through a program then convert it to an HTML file. If you earn money from blogging, it lets you put schedules on your posts. It also serves as a text editor. Aside from this, it actually enables you to put up media files or galleries in an instant. It also links your WordPress account to all of your existing social networking sites. It is also built-in with a huge variety of themes and widgets.

Can you Avail WordPress on your iPage Account?

Believe it or not, iPage can be perfectly paired with WordPress. All of the requirements are compatible. In just few minutes, you can easily use the popular content management tool on your iPage account. Well, most iPage users are now using WordPress for creating blog sites, publishing entries, sharing photos, and the like.

How do you Install WordPress on your iPage Account?

If you are just a newbie and you want to have WordPress, do not worry at all. Installing it on your account does not break you any sweat at all. All you have to do is download the most updated version of WordPress on their site. Take in mind that this is just for free. Then, upload the downloaded file right into your account. Just go to your iPage admin panel and select a folder for the WordPress files. From there, unzip the WordPress file and install it. Make sure though that you have created separated .php files. As you install it, everything is done automatically. So in just few minutes, you have your WordPress account already! Make sure to log-in with the right username and password details to fully enjoy the available programs and features.

Without a doubt, WordPress is a great program for publishing files. As soon as you try to explore it, you will experience endless possibilities. Make sure you check out the available themes and widgets to ensure that your website looks cooler and becomes more entertaining. If you are not an iPage user, do not fret. Most major web hosting service providers like FatCow and InMotion Hosting offer this option, as well.