What is iPage WordPress?

iPageWordpress is a website where people have an unlimited space for writing. It is an online blog where individuals can write anything under the sun. They can write short to long literary pieces. People all over the world can view the page of iPage’s customers. They can leave a comment or reaction about one person’s blog entry. iPage has lots of unique features that writers will surely love. All they need to do is join the website. Be a member and start writing endlessly.

Hence, below are the specified rules and regulation set by the company. All its clients should be committed in following each law to avoid any future conflicts.

Liabilities and `Warranties of iPageWordpress

As a blog website, ipagewordpress has the right to claim and own everything its website has. It is the only owner of everything people can view in every page. All the information included were extremely made by its loyal staff. But they cannot guarantee that everything they said or have posted in their website are purely accurate. They can attest that they have precise details based on their reliable resources but there are sometimes flosses that iPagewordpress may encounter along the way.

Legalities and Coverage of Users

All iPageWordpress users should obey what the company has presented to them labeled as “Guidelines”. The clients should give their 100% obedience to have a smooth agreement.

Enumerated below are the things that all ipageWordpress users should keep in mind.

  • The User must be 18 years old and above or is lawfully in the right age
  • The User promises to strictly comply to all the directions given by iPageWordpress.
  • The user is legally allowed or permitted to use the website in its state and country.
  • The client uses iPagewordpress for right and legal purposes
  • The user is not granted the rights to use the website’s content without the company’s authorization and permission
  • The user is not allowed to abolish the contents of the company’s website
  • The user is not given the go signal to infringe or plagiarist the website’s data

If one of the stated rules above is proven committed by the client, iPagewordpress has the right to sanction actions like termination of the account and etc.

Term of Use

iPagewordpress has the right to set the term of usage to its clients. They have the power to present how long can their customers use their website through modes or plans. These plans are carefully and strategically outlined to consider the benefit of each user. The coverage will depend on what type of term the client agreed to get upon his or her registration to iPagewordpress. But the company is not strict in locking up its users. Meaning to say, if the client wishes to quit using the website, they may do so anytime without any hassle.

Trademarks and Logos of iPagewordpress

iPagewordpress reserves the right to protect what are its properties. Everything that its clients can view from their webpage such as Logos, brands, Trademarks and information are under the possession of the company. People who are proven to copying or using one of the stated items will be faced with criminal offenses. Therefore all the Clients agree that all their data used in the webpage are also one of the properties of iPagewordpress. The reason behind of acquiring all the necessary information and making them part of the ownership of the company is to make its service more appropriate and accurate for everyone’s sake.

Linking Websites to iPagewordpress

iPagewordpress guarantees its users that they do not use any malicious websites or unknown websites in their page. They do not get the services rendered by other websites aside from their known third party partners and suppliers. If people happen to see other websites in iPagewordpress, these links are for information purposes only.

Users’ Actions

iPagewordpress is not responsible for any occurrence of its Users and any third party actions. It is to the discretion of the company’s clients for whatever possible outcome their movement may cause once the made a connection or agreement with other websites. iPagewordpress is also not accountable for mischiefs that may happen such as lost of data or corruption of files upon its Clients’ action to bind with other parties.

Limitations of Usage

iPagewordpress is not liable for any stolen, misguided information, identity theft, destructions of all data given to the company. Though the company is trying its best to have a better security for all its customers’ sake.


All iPagewordpress customers should agree that they will not indemnify the company, its owners, its directors, local staff and lowest positioned employees such as messengers and janitors in the present time and in the near future. All its users should agree to free the company and its website data from any chargers that one of its customers maybe facing.

The following are the scenarios that the client may be facing some law problems:

  • If the user is proven to e doing some malicious acts
  • If the client has violated the privacy of its fellow users
  • If the customer failed to obey the agreement made with iPagewordpress or other company
  • If the user is claimed for infringement of logos, brands, trademark or copyright of a company.