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InMotion Review

title-decoInMotion – Company Highlights

iPage reviewInMotion is one of the ideal webhosting companies to subscribe to when making a personal or business website. It offers excellent features and webhosting plans that an individual cannot pass up.

They know how to take care of their customer’s satisfaction and success. Offers includes unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer, data backup, premium website builder, spam security, and so much more.

thumbInMotion provides unmatched customer support since you can contact them 24/7 worldwide.

title-decoYears in the Business

ipage reviewsInMotion was established in the year 2001 and has been giving one of the best webhosting services in the market. It provides a lot of great features and webhosting packages that can be used by ordinary and extraordinary people.

title-decoUptime Record and Reliability

fatcow reviewInMotion is very reliable in every sense of the word. It has 99.9% uptime record which is considered to be outstanding in bringing continuous online presence. This is an advantage since your connectivity depends on a webhost high uptime record.

title-decoControl Panel and Software

fatcow reviewsInMotion uses cPanel as its control panel. cPanel is the most popular control panel that is available today. It is used to edit files, make email accounts, change passwords, and view the statistics of your website. It is very easy to use and it provides step by step instructions on how to use cPanel’s features.

title-decoFeatures, Guarantee and Other Services Offered

software-iconThe features offered by InMotion webhosting depends on the plan that you choose. You can choose dedicated, shared, or VPS (Virtual Private Sector). Personal webhosting plan offers high quality webhosting plan which is very affordable.

thumbCustomers can get fast server speed, spam protection, backups, 2-4 bandwidths, disk space, site builder, and money back guarantee.

However, if you have a business, personal webhosting plan is not for you. They offer business class hosting that gives you great technical and customer support. They provide customers with unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer, spam security, e-commerce, premium site builder, and downtime-free.

cs-iconThis type of hosting plan will get your business to the next level since you and your customers will be connected all the time. Customer support is available 24/7 which means that you can ask them anything at any given time. One thing about InMotion is that they offer beyond personal and business webhosting.

thumbThey also cater to bigger types of webhosting like its VPS webhosting and dedicated servers.

title-decoInMotion – The Good

Here are some of the good things in InMotion webhosting:

thumbUnlimited disk space

thumbUnlimited monthly transfer

thumbHigh uptime speed

thumbVery reliable

thumb24/7 Customer and Technical Support

thumbLong-time money back guarantee

thumbHas e-commerce

thumbFree Site builders

thumbMySQL database

title-decoInMotion – The Bad

thumbMore expensive

title-decoInMotion -The Verdict

wallet-iconPrices depend on the type of InMotion packages you get. Personal hosting price for 24-month term is $3 per month in Starter package, $4 per month in Basic package, and $5 per month in Max package. For business webhosting, price is $5.95 per month for Launch package, $7.95 per month for Power package, and $ 13.95 per month for Pro.

thumbDedicated servers and VPS hosting prices are more expensive since their features are more advanced.

It is expensive than most webhosting plans, but the quality and reliability is guaranteed. Sometimes, people look for cheaper webhosting companies that quality is compromised. With InMotion, that won’t happen because the company really cares for their customer’s welfare. They help them achieve their goals through effective and flexible webhosting services.

thumbIn conclusion, InMotion is the best webhosting company you need and highly recommended to use for your business website.

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