This privacy policy statement comprehensively explains the limitations and the scope of our liabilities and about the data that we obtain from you as you make use of our website. The contents that will be discussed in the following statements will be stored as you become a contributor to our page while some parts are naturally included for your browsing address.

As you make use of our website for different purposes, it is very important to take some time to browse and read our statements and conditions regarding your and our privacy. If ever you have any inquiries regarding this document or if you wish to add some stuff, you can get in touch with us easily through [email protected]

Data Collection

We obtain your information to ensure that you are credited properly as you post a review or a comment in our site. This also provides us the chance to label contributions on its proper terms, so as to maintain our integrity and credibility. We store information that we may ask from you, such as:

  • Your real name or your preferred screen name
  • Your contribution in our page such as your comment or your inquiry
  • Any other information that you may provide us

There are other information that we may legally obtain without the need to notify you. This includes:

  • IP address
  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system type and version

These data are obtained for standard procedures. Most websites also obtain these from you. These information are helpful so as we can still fully improve our services. It provides helpful information on how you make use of our pages, what operating system you prefer to use, and the like. This is to cater you with our best services.

Opt out/ Choice

Our site does not send emails about marketing products and advertisements. If you received claiming such, please contact us at [email protected] since these are not authorized. The only communication that you may receive from us is an authorization requirement or a confirmation email like when you post a comment in our page.

Information from Third Parties

Third party companies may obtain some access on your information since we may require their help to execute on some operations and maintenance of our web page. However, it is a must to know that we do not sell your data to others. We guarantee you that all of your personal information is strictly private and confidential.

Information Sharing

Though we consider all your personal data important, we may be forced to share your information with the following circumstances:

  • As a response to a legal request.
  • During a case wherein public interest is more important than the right for privacy.
  • During a case of fraud or any similar case that the benefit of the public is more important than standing by of our privacy statement.

Tracking technologies


We may place cookies in your computer to help us be updated on your interests. This is being managed by a third party entity so the information that may be obtained, they also share it with us.

Web beacons
Web beacons are also being managed by a third party company. These are small GIF images that help us monitor the emails that we send to you. It helps us to identify if an email we have sent you has been read or not.

Links to external web sites
There may be some links to other websites that are being used in our page for information purposes. When you click these links, we are not responsible for any result that may happen in their domain.


We provide all our greatest efforts to guarantee that your browsing experience in our page is safe and reliable. However, we can still be vulnerable to other resilient viruses, spywares, and malwares despite our best efforts.
Please use our site properly and remember that you use it at your own risk. If you have some issues or inquiries, we encourage you to mail us at [email protected]
Some information may be changed or added so please visit this from time to time.
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