iPage’s Informational Site, the WordPress
April 10th, 2013 by admin | Type: Standard

Having interaction with users in the World Wide Web has benefits. One foremost benefit of it is gaining information on concern services or products. They do this interaction in informational sites which are also called “web blogs.”

Web blog is a discussion of users in the World Wide Web. Users converse common topics, post comments and reviews about services and products offered. It is arranged in reverse chronological order wherein the most recent post comes first.

iPage gives way to forums and blogs in its hosting. A popular blog tool that iPage support, the WordPress. This software is not only a blogging tool but also a website builder. It is a content management system and can create the pages of your website creatively and beautifully. It is a powerful and established platform and used by many users in the World Wide Web.

More about WordPress

WordPress is software for blogging and building websites that is built in PHP and MySQL and it is certified under the GPLv2. It is originated in 2003 and used by hundreds of people all over the world. WorPress is a powerful and stable platform.

WordPress also has plug-in architecture and a template system. It is multilingual too. Its dashboard has 50 languages. It is safe and secure.

Reasons to Use WordPress

WordPress is very useful.

It can function in many ways as follows:

  • Create and beautify your websites and blog through its available templates, themes, plug in, and widgets. There are about 200 themes that you can choose from to create your website.
  • Customize and edit the pages of your website through its Custom Design.
  • Post and respond to comments and give reviews without the use of HTML or the Hyper Text Markup Language or PHP.
  • Search engine

    or social media improvement.

  • Regularly updates your website and blog.

Installation of WordPress on your Website

You can install and use WordPress free of charge if you have hosting account on iPage. iPage Hosting Plan can be purchased at an affordable price rate that includes many features that can manage, develop, secure and advertise your website in the Internet online. It is on sale now and you can get it for only $1.99 a month for the first three months. This will be renewed at its original price rate.

The following are the steps on how to install WordPress on your website:

  • First, you must have a hosting account on iPage. Once you have it, go to your hosting control panel which is the vDeck control panel.
  • Then go to Website>Simple Scripts.
  • Next, select “Blogs” in the Script List.
  • Then choose “WordPress.”
  • And then click the “Install” tab.

Location of WordPress

The installation directory for WordPress would be asked while you are installing the WordPress on your website. To locate WordPress , first you have to choose the installation directory for WordPress. If you specify an installation directory the URL to you blog becomes http://www.mydomain.name.com/myinstalldirectory. Then, key in your domain name and installation directory in the “Installation Preferences.” On the other hand, if you do not specify the installation directory the URL to your blog becomes http://www.mydomain.com. Then, key in your domain and leave blank the installation directory. Your URL to your blog becomes http://www.demotutorials.info.

The WordPress.org

WordPress.org is a website wherein you can get more information about WordPress. You can also download WordPress in this website provided that you must have a hosting account on iPage or other web host company.

In addition to this and other features of WordPress, you can connect with WordPress community by attending a WordPress camp. This is free or low-cost event that can educate and gather the WordPress users.