iPage.com And The One Click Install Option
August 26th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

The perks of being a blogger are incomparable: the freebies, the invites, the online celebrity status. Jane of seaofshoes.com and Bryan of bryanboy.com are just two of the most noted fashion celebrities invited in big time fashion events and rained with freebies. That’s w

hy everyone wants to be a blogger. But there’s more to being a blogger than writing feature articles and snapping photos of food, people, and


To have a successful blog, you have to plan everything. From the content of your blog, to the name – planning starts even before the publishing. And more planning happens post publishing. You also have to have a reliable web host provider. Free web hosting sites are everywhere, but only a few are deserving of your attention, future online celebrity.

Presenting: iPage.com

One of the best web blog hosting sites is iPage.com offers free one-click installs of WordPress to make you blog start an easy one. WordPress, as we all know, is the most popular blog hosting site. It offers both free blog hosting with WordPress.com and a paid-for blog-hosting site at WordPress.org. Both

sites are popular I their respective categories and having a quick install feature makes it super easy for you start blogging.

To help you kick start your blogging career, I will guide you through a brief step by step guide

in setting up your blog on iPage.com. Read below and also be amazed on how easy it is to be a blogger.

Easy Blogging with iPage.com

I cannot stress enough how much easy it is to set up a professional blog with iPage.com. It’s so easy that five minutes from now, I assure you that

you will have your own professional blog already up and running. Just follow the steps below, you online celebrity star, you!

  • First and foremost, you need to have an account with iPage. Log on to their website and register!
  • After registration, you can now log on to your account. Log on and click the “Install Central” button.
  • From the top tab, select and click the “Blogs” option.
  • On the side tab, you will see a “WordPress” button. Click on it!
  • Click on “Begin Installation”
  • Follow the directions that will appear on your screen. Afterwards, your free WordPress installation is done!

Just One Click

Being a beginner blogger can be mind blogging. All the codes you need to learn, the jargons you must understand, the process of selecting a good domain name and of course choosing the right web host provider. There are a lot of traps and lures from various web hosting sites and many have fallen into it. That’s why it is good to know and research first before choosing and deciding on anything. You don’t want your money and efforts to go to waste.

The most talked about blog hosting site is WordPress. That is no surprise. With that much following, you’d think all web host providers would have an easy WordPress installation option to offer. Unfortunately, that is not always true. That’s why when I found out that iPage.com offers this one-lick step for WordPress installation, I was really floored!

By simply following the instructions above, you can get your very own professional blog published and ready for the world to see. Of course, this is not the only special feature iPage provides its users. There are a lot of features that you can enjoy from this website. To know more about their product and features they offer for web hosting, visit the website. You can also learn more tips on how to start a blog via WordPress. Learn how to publish a blog, how to select the right domain name, how to maximize and many more through their website.