Inside Web Hosting
May 27th, 2013 by admin | Type: Standard

You’ve created your first ever website. You’ve fixed all the errors you could find, double-checked every word, and managed to make it look attractive. You want your site to work perfectly, but how will you do it? Now remember that things just don’t happen because you wished on a star or threw a coin in a wishing well. Before anything, you realize of course that your website must be seen by the rest of the world. Any site would not be said to be successful if only you, the creator, can access and view it. A major step you could take in order for your site to be seen easily by anyone and at any time is to get involved in a common internet service called web hosting.

What specifically does web hosting mean? Web hosting allows you (a certain person or group who created a site) to post a website in the internet. It is a service that makes a website visible and accessible to anyone who wants to see it. An interested viewer simply needs to type the address of your website in his browser and in a matter of moments he will be able to see your webpage through their browser. Web hosting gives you internet connection, domain name registration, services that will maintain your site, and many others depending on the web host.

Stop for a while and remember that you shouldn’t immediately sign up for a web hosting service without first being sure of the host you will choose! It is very important to consider the budget you have set for your website, the specific services it needs, and the specific services the host will be able to give you. For you to choose the perfect web host, you will need to know the different types of web hosting services. There are four types: free hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and collocated hosting.

  • Free hosting– This is usually chosen by those who just want to create a website for fun. It’s good that it’s free but the connection speed is slow and your website can crash at any moment. Advertising banners also instantly appear in your site. Details about your domain name may be different depending on the web host you choose.
  • Shared hosting– Just basing on the name, you’ll notice that this kind of environment means that you’ll be sharing the same server with other website owners. To be more specific, you’ll be sharing the physical server and its applications. This isn’t free but it is affordable since you’re not the only one paying. Do not expect super-fast connection because the server shares even its speed.
  • Dedicated hosting– This time, the web server isn’t shared. That means the connection is finally fast! The physical server, all of its applications, and everything else is basically yours. Now don’t get too excited. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for all the necessary charges and bills. People who choose this kind of environment are those who have more complicated, serious websites that need to keep all their webpages in good security.
  • Collocated hosting– It’s similar to dedicated hosting where you have the server all to yourself, but what’s better about the collocated environment is that you own the hardware itself. In the first three web hosts, the hardware-owner is the hosting company. This just means that the only thing you’re renting from the company is a spot in their facility and the Internet connection (which is extra-fast, by the way). Now those who choose this type of host are usually companies who need even greater security than the dedicated hosting could give.

Participating with a company, though, is OPTIONAL. You may choose to host your website on your personal computer but remember that there are some limitations. You need to keep your computer turned on at ALL times. If it is turned off, your website would be unavailable. Another limitation is that the internet connection would not be as fast because it is only a home connection. Lastly, you need to have knowledge about setting up a WWW server software on your computer because without this, no one will be able to access and view the files you have on your website since it is stored in your personal computer.

Now that you have read a summary of some of the basic information about web hosting, you can now properly choose whatever web host suits your taste while making your website shine. Enjoy!