How to Move WordPress to Another Domain Name?
October 9th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

A domain name is essential as it provides uniqueness and identity to your site. It is the one that sets you apart from other websites. A domain name may not be as important as you think it is. But if you want to sound more professional to your clients and visitors, this is something to take note of. Just imagine that the domain name serves as your brand name. When you run an online business, it is not actually advisable to have a site name that is tied up with ads. To get more credibility, a domain name is a must.

WordPress is an online site specifically known for its great blogging services. It is very popular since it is very user-friendly. It lets you

post new entries in no time. It lets you use several media plug-ins and allows you to choose your own templates for

your blog site. There is really no need to be educated with scripts and codes just to use it. But apart from these things, WordPress offers domain name services as well. However, their domain name services are not that really strong and powerful when compared to the services rendered by iPage, BlueHost or InMotion Hosting . If you have a domain

name with them and you want to switch to a better one for an online business or something, do not worry at all. If you are quite worried since the domain transfer costs a whopping $120, there is no need to think about it since there is actually a simpler way on how you can do the transferring all by yourself. Here is the step-by-step procedure:

  • Access your WordPress Account First
    Before you can transfer to a new domain name, try to go to your WordPress account. Once you are through, look for the “Tools” option located in your dashboard. Click it then look for the “Export” button. This part ensures that you the entire XML file of your blogs are created and saved properly in your hard drive.
  • Retrieve your New Domain Name
    Once you are through with the first step, you should go to your new domain. Try to access and log-in to your new domain account. If you have no idea on how you can find your new dashboard, try to put a “wp-admin” in the end of your site’s URL.
  • Transfer the Needed Files and Codes Right Away
    Once you have already configured and explored your new dashboard, it is now time to transfer your domain files easily. To do this, try to search for the “tools” button in your new dashboard menu. Search for the “import” button then click it. After it, look for the “WordPress” feature. It will automatically show the files that you want to include in your new site. Do not forget the XML files of your blog site that you have listed in the first procedure. When done, you will have to download and import essential files and documents right in the “attachment” button. Transferring of files and other things would actually take some time so try to be patient when it comes to this part.

WordPress is definitely one of the biggest names in the world that you may want to be acquainted to these days. They are reliable and flexible. But no matter how popular they are, it still has its own shortcomings. They may be great when it comes to blogging but for domain name services, you may want to opt for a better one. The following steps provided are helpful especially if you want to save up some few bucks just for the transferring all on your own.