How to Design an E-Commerce Site Using WordPress
August 16th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

Bringing your business online means creating an easy to use and effective web site that can handle product inquiries, display the best of your product gallery and help transact online sales.

WordPress can help you create an effective site without having to shell out a single dollar for site development. Make use of the free templates and widgets to create a simple and yet attractive site. All you have to do is to just invest in great product photos, write straight to the point and helpful copies plus arm yourself with a good logo.

Use WP-eCommerce Plugin

One plugin that you can use is the WP-ecommerce plugin. This is a built-in shopping cart tool that helps you create a simple carting system that allows checking out of items from your site. Creating a shopping cart system on your own is very expensive. You have to take care of your online inventory, create forms for the taking of their orders and then create a robust payment system to ensure that the credit card details are safe.

Why spend so much when you can use one for free? For those who are in online retail, a shopping cart is a must. This makes it easier for your users to shop for products

and in turn, encourages them to buy something, rather than just window shop in your store.

Buy Shopp

Shopp is a paid shopping cart system that is available for $55 for a single site use (as of this writing). If you are planning to use this as a developer (meaning, use it on multiple

sites) then you have to shell out nearly $300 for the license.

What does Shopp do? One of the best features of this cart, apart from the user interface looking really sleek and attractive, is that it offers flexible shipping options for you and your user.

Crafty Cart

This is a free plugin that works well with WP-Ecommerce. It provides it a more handsome look and feel, with a DIY theme to its pages. It can really work with dainty items like baby clothes, craft supplies, flower shops and the like. This can make web page designing easier for you. You can just follow their lead and carry over the look throughout your whole page.

There are so many ways to create an e-commerce site using WordPress. While we are writing this entry, more and more developers are making both paid and premium plugins for your use. Just list down the important features for you like support for a mobile shopping cart, easy updating of your product inventory

via mobile, automated reports every end of the week or whenever you set it.

The important thing is that there are lots of options out there and do not be afraid to try and install something, especially those that are being offered for free. All you need is some patience to be able to handle the information overload from the tons of options out there for you.