How Effective are Email Newsletters in Driving Online Traffic?
February 3rd, 2014 by admin | Type: Standard

How many times do you check your email everday? At least once, right? Apart from your work email, you have this personal email address that you use for signing up to newsletters, social networking sites and where you receive your online billing notices. So in that once a day checking of email, which emails do you actually read and which ones land directly to your trash bin?

Email marketing today is again on the rise – more and more eCommerce companies realize that email newsletters are actually very effective tools in marketing a product or service. Just check out your email inbox right now and see how many of them are email newsletters advertising the latest deals or promotions, inviting you to make use of your free trial subscription etc.

How do you make sure that you maximize the potential of email newsletters without being nominated as a spam item? Here’s how.

What do we mean by “driving traffic”?

Driving traffic from an email newsletter into your website simply means bringing those clicks to your live online site. Either through attractive images or intuitive buttons, your email readers can be online viewers in just one swift action.

Apart from bringing one user to your site (one at a time), you can also make them help you encourage others to view you (sort of like a viral effect). By including social networking icons (like the ones below), you can encourage your email readers to share, tweet, like, suggest or recommend certain posts and products so that their friends will see it, too. This way, you create a marketing ripple effect which will then bring in more and more traffic into your actual site.
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Add links to images and buttons

Working on your actual email content, let’s talk about how you can make the newsletter attractive enough so that people will click on it. Check out the example below. What do you see?
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  • Attractive images that make you want to learn more about the product, which you just want to click.
  • A snippet of the description, which you want to finish reading but then you have to click the “more” button.
  • A secondary and yet more visible View It button to view the whole promotion or deal

For each product entry, you have three chances to click on it to view it online. All without sounding too persuasive or pushy. So what do you need to do to make your email newsletter just as effective?

  • Include a link to a dedicated product page so that your viewer can see all the related details.
  • If possible, allow a person to view the online version without having to login so that it is a seamless experience. Hold off the logging in, if necessary, when he is buying the product already (delayed onboarding).
  • Invite users to view the whole photo or a larger version of it by going to your main site.
  • Tease users to view other similar deals by going to your main site.
  • Don’t place the whole story in your email newsletter or else, there is no need to view other details on your site.
  • Invite them to view a video or other types of media not typically handled via email.
  • When you need to place a download link, make them go to your website first to make them count as one online visitor today.

Don’t include links to other sites. You can place links to other reference articles in your website, but not in your email newsletter.

How often should you send out newsletters?

Mad Mimi suggests that you send out newsletters daily but this hugely depends on what type of product you have. Some blogs don’t have enough content to be pushed out daily and at the risk of spamming your readers, it might be fine to just publish newsletters two to three times a week, instead.

Another just as important tip when writing newsletters is to make them personal and for it to show a bit of personality. You can do this by:

  • Choosing quirky images that help drive more interest to your product (may not be 100% related)
  • Write in a conversational way – nothing too formal!
  • Create a mini-series within your posts like “photo of the week”, “tip of the day”, “featured user of the month” or anything that the readers will learn to expect (and anticipate) from you.

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Remember that the main goal of a newsletter is to invite people to click on to your content and eventually lead them to a sale. But this does not mean that you will bombard them with “buy me!” buttons. Most of the time, a recurring sale happens when the customer feels a connection with the brand and email newsletters are excellent tools to help you build that connection on a daily basis.