Easy to Use Tools for iPhone Development
July 27th, 2012 by admin | Type: Standard

Here are some really cool iPhone development tools that you can use. We have a list of easy to use applications that can help novice or beginner iPhone applications makers. You don’t even need to know how to code in

order to use most of them!

There are lots of tools on Google on how to help actual Objective C developers but what about those who just want an application for the iPhone without having to be a trained developer? There is hope! If you want your organization to have your own app or if you are just starting your own business, these tools are

perfect for you to try out.

Sweb Apps

SwebApps is a really cool application that lets you build your own application in a drag and drop fashion, similar to how Dreamweaver does it. There are menu options already preselected that you can just eventually edit. There is even a provision for your online inventory.

You have a onetime fee of $50 per button set up for you and then a $25 per month for the hosting of your site. All in all, you can build your site in just a few minutes by selecting basic controls. You can even upload your own graphics so that you can customize the look of the application.


For those wanting to build their own news-oriented iPhone application like a university-type of newsletter or something that mimics CNN or BBC, then Kanchoo will be very interesting for you. What does Kanchoo do?

  • Provide you with a template for your news content
  • Lets you edit and upload your own content even from your iPhone
  • Lets you use your own logo for the app icon
  • Lets you use your own splash page to double as the loading screen

They will also take care of the hosting of your app! So you just need to really supply the content and some art direction and you are good to go. The basic package costs $88 then an additional $28 per month for the hosting and maintenance of your site (in terms of keeping it accessible).


This tool makes it possible for those who do not know how to code (at all!) to make their iPhone application. How does it work? BuildAnApp has templates of pre-made applications compatible and ready to be linked to the AppStore. All you need to do now is to do further customizations, provide the content and you are good to go.

Of course, the features and the display capacities are quite limited but if your main goal is to get your app out there, especially if it is a simple brochure-like application, then this is really helpful as a first step.


PhoneGap helps you build the iPhone app that you want without having to study Objective C. for HTML and javascript developers, this is very important since you can still use your strengths and knowledge

in HTML and yet have it translated into an iPhone application.

In a gist, PhoneGap does this by having templates for the behavior of the devices like

the accelerometer, the touch screen interface and connect that to typical HTML and javscript code. Note that this is 100% free and is an open source platform. Plus, you can also make your code compatible for the Android and Blackberry devices. Cool, isn’t?