Easy to Use jQuery Plugins for WordPress
September 26th, 2013 by admin | Type: Standard


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jQuery plugin #1: Mega Menu Widget

A very useful widget that allows you to display your products in a nice, neat grid along with product descriptions and pricing is the Mega Menu widget. You can choose to have a slide down or fade in effect for every menu item. Submenus are supported up to three levels (for example: Cars > SUV’s > Land Rover).

This widget gives you great flexibility in displaying your products in an organized and easy to read manner. From each container, your visitor can easily determine which products are of the same level or category.

jQuery plugin #2: Slick Contact Forms

As a beginner web administrator, you can manage to study all the settings and setup instructions needed to setup your own hosting and installing your own WordPress copy. But one of the toughest things to do for beginner web developers is the creation of a simple, aligned contact form. There is validation needed and you have to ensure that the right type of characters are accepted.

To make your life a bit easier, you can try this jQuery plugin named Slick Contact forms. The forms are pre-built and you can just define the label and the format that you need for your set of fields and forms.

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jQuery plugin #3: Featured Articles Lite

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If you want a combination of a slider with some preview of your article content, this is the perfect plugin for you. Usually, sliders only feature the image and if you are lucky, one line of text describing the image.

But what if you want your articles showcased with an interesting photo? This is where Featured Articles Lite comes into the picture (pun intended).

You can also edit this plugin, especially for those with PHP, CSS and Javascript experience. You can change the animation timing, the manner of transition and even the integration of your copy into the actual slider.

The sleek semi-translucent overlay for the article preview gives it a very professional and yet equally engaging look.

jQuery plugin #4: Camera Slideshow

Camera Slideshow is a very attractive, modern-looking and sleek plugin in jQuery for WordPress. It helps you display your photos in a smoothly transitioning control. The elegant markers (instead of numbered 1-5 links, dots are used) help users navigate from one image to the next.

Some key perks include:

  • Customizable buttons (can be done with TinyMCE)
  • Allows ColorBox and TimThumb effects
  • Very responsive, even in mobile and tablet deployments