Why Do You Need a DMCA Notice?

A DMCA notice is a letter that you send to an organization or a site that is wrongfully using material that is rightfully yours (without proper credit). This is stated in the DMCA or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that you, as the owner, have the right to apprehend in writing, the party in question.

How do you do this exactly? We have a format that you can use as your starting point, below.

DMCA Notice Format

Recipient (either name of responsible person or the site name)

I am (insert your full name here), the rightful intellectual property rights owner of some specific material in your site. I am writing to notify you to please take down the material in question immediately by either deleting it or inhibiting public access to it. I certify under the rules of perjury, that what I am claiming is accurately mind (best to attach actual image of your property, too).

The content in question can be located in this part of your site:

(insert URL here)

while my original content can be viewed from this:

(insert your URL here)

I would appreciate it if you would take it down at the soonest possible time. Should you wish to get in touch with me, please see my contact details below.

Full name
Mailing address (building or house number, street, city, state and zip code)
Contact number (fixed line and mobile)
Email address


(insert your name here)

When To Send It

Send it when you are sure you are not properly credited in the mentioned material and if you are 100% sure you are the owner (there might be someone else owning the same material). When you are sure, make copies of the letter, BCC a trusted friend and send the letter away.