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WordPress Sites Hosted By iPage Hosting

wp-iconThere is so much buzz around WordPress, its features and its templates (both paid and free). But why is everyone talking about it? Apparently, WordPress is not just being used by newbie bloggers who want to post photos and rants online.

thumbWordPress is being used widely, even by world-renowned sites like the New York Times blog and even CNN.com

We are here to give you the scoop regarding the benefits of WordPress, both for beginners and power users alike.

title-decoWordPress benefits for beginners

wallet-iconFor beginners, even for first time users or owners of a website, the number one benefit of using WordPress is that it is free. You don’t need to buy a separate tool to manage your content. You don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee for an app.

thumbIt is 100% free and you can get your hands on the updated WordPress kit from their official site, WordPress.org.

Let me tell you that blogs hosted on WordPress.com is DIFFERENT compared to having your own site using WordPress. Having a WordPress kit running on your site means:

thumbYou are able to write and save your web content for future publishing

thumbYou are able to organize your photos, those that are already uploaded or those that you will use later on

thumbYou are able to USE existing templates, whether free or not, to give your website a head start. WordPress has tons of templates for you to go through.

thumbYou are able to do simple SEO enhancements on your site without even having to study SEO.

title-decoWordPress benefits for power users

For those managing a lot of websites or for those who need or want to fully customize their sites, there are very important features in WordPress that caters to your needs:

thumbPort your desktop site to mobile website by just installing some plugins. You don’t need to create a separate website for your mobile users.

thumbCustomize your WordPress theme and template so that you can individualize your pages – how you display your images, how your content is laid out etc.

thumbMake use of the PayPal integration so that you can make online shopping a lot easier and safer

title-decoSample sites from iPage

If you would like to check out pages that are powered by iPage and WordPress, you can check out the samples below:

thumbThe actual iPage site is powered by WordPress. It does not look like an existing WordPress theme because it is highly customized.

thumbAandBwebDesign.com is another sample that uses a menu tree towards the right side of the page, all ready built for deployment

thumbReadHeadNinja.com is another WordPress site powered by iPage that combines a blog and a photo gallery for a photographer

thumbPoloDriver.com is an online newsletter of sorts that maximizes the easy content uploading for daily updates

title-decoThe difference of a WordPress site – backend and frontend

computer-iconWordPress makes it easier for you to manage your content. By how, you may ask. For example, if your site has 3 years or more of uploaded information, it may be difficult for you to retrieve past posts or index them according to categories.

If you have an advanced search feature in your site to cross-reference information, NOT having WordPress to sift through that is a guaranteed major headache for your part.