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Where Can I Get WordPress Themes For iPage?

title-decoWhat is WordPress?

wp-iconThere are a lot of blogging sites available online. If you want to start blogging, you can check out these blogging sites and see what feature they will offer you. One of the popular blog hosting sites is WordPress.com, which offers its open source software, WordPress.

thumbWordPress is an open source blogging tool and content management system or CMS which is based on PHP and MySQL.

More people sign up for WordPress account and use their tool because of its advantages such as:

thumbQuick and easy installation

thumbSeveral themes to choose from

thumbFlexible functionality

thumbThousands of plugins to choose from

thumbAutomatic updating

thumbMore secure

thumbEasy to use.

pic-iconIt proved be much simpler and easy to use, plus the interface is user-friendly. It’s easier to add contents to your page, like pictures or music. Aside from adding tags for easier searching, you can also put categories into your contents.

title-decoHost Your WordPress Blog On iPage

Signing up for a WordPress account is free. But if you need to have your own domain name, you should find a webhosting service that’s easy to sign up to as well.

thumbA good partner to your WordPress account is iPage.

ipage-logoiPage is a webhosting service provider, whose tools are easy to use. Not only that, you can have your own domain name with iPage free for the first year.

Other benefits you can get by hosting your WordPress account with iPage are the following:

thumbUnlimited diskspace and bandwidth at a low price

thumbAnytime money back guarantee

thumbEasy installation of WordPress to your iPage account

thumbFree marketing credits

thumbFree domain registration

thumb24xy customer support

thumbOnline help center

Aside from that, with you can easily install WordPress on iPage. You can do it in just few simple steps.

thumbSign in to your iPage account.


thumbUnder the “WEBSITE” section, find the “WordPress” icon and click it


thumbYou may encounter this warning after clicking the wordpress icon, just click the continue button.


thumbOn the next page, you will be redirected to mojomarketplace.com to install wordpress.


thumbNext, click for the “Start” button to do a brand new install of wordpress in your site if this was the first time. If not, click the “Import” button if there’s an existing installation.


thumbAfter that, choose the domain you want to run in wordpress. Dont forget to click the “Check Domain” button if the domain is ready for the installation.


thumbLastly, click on the “Install Now” button to install wordpress in your selected domain. Dont forget to check the “I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2“


After installing WordPress, you can now use it with your iPage account.

title-decoDesign Your iPageSite With WordPress Themes

controlpanel-iconWordPress offers a lot of themes that you can choose from. You can go to their web site to see the available themes that you can install. You can either choose from the free themes that they offer, or for an additional cost, you can install from the selection of premium themes they have.

thumbYou can also get WordPress themes from other websites.

Here are some sites where you can get your theme:

thumbOrganic Themes (organicthemes.com)

thumbTemplatic (templatic.com)

thumbTheme Snack (themesnack.net)

thumbWP Zoom (wpzoom.com)

thumbTop WordPress Themes (topwpthemes.com)

thumbTheme Grade (themegrade.com)

thumbTheme Lab (themelab.com)

thumbBlog Oh! Blog (blogohblog.com)

Some of these sites offer WordPress for themes. There are also themes that you can buy for a small amount.

title-decoFinding A Better Design Theme For Your Site

seo-iconThere are a lot of websites that offer WordPress themes, may it be free or not. All you have to do is search on Google using “WordPress Themes” as your keyword. You can check out all the websites that will be appear, and see if you can find the theme that you really like.

thumbIf you find the right theme for you, download it on your computer and install it to your WordPress account.

After installing your theme, you have to check how it looks like on your site. You can make changes and add widgets and sidebars to your side. After designing your website, you’re now ready to add contents and share it to everyone.