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Tips For Running vBulletin Forums On iPage

title-decoKey points of an iPage hosting account

ipage-logoIf you are about to be convinced that iPage is the right hosting account for you, skim through the details below for further knowledge on what iPage can offer you. As a project manager or web administrator, you should know what your money is bringing to the table.

In this case, what does your $1.99 per month bring you?

thumbUnlimited storage so this means you don’t need to choose which items to upload to your server. You can have your whole folder of images there so that you can easily link them to certain sections of your site.

thumbUnlimited bandwidth so this also means you don’t have to be very careful of your number of calls to your server. BUT you should also keep in mind that under the iPage terms and conditions, they are free to suspend your account if you abuse this privilege. Check the efficiency of the CMS’ you are planning to use just to be sure.

thumbLots of free marketing credits to help jumpstart your site, there’s even tips on how you can do basic SEO efforts for your pages.

thumbLots of secure features like the Site Lock, spam filters and domain privacy features that you can have as add ons to your account.

title-decoWhat is vBulletin

One of the things that run well with iPage (along with a very long list of other tools) is vBulletin. What is vBulletin?

vb-iconvBulletin is an open-source application designed to manage and create forums for your site. Forums drive a lot of foot traffic to your pages since this is the type of user-generated content (or UGC) that people keep on coming back to.

phpmysql-iconvBulletin is powered by MySQL and PHP so this makes it pretty easy to manage. They have frequent stable releases of their product so that you can update your version routinely. As of this writing, they have version 4.2.0, which was released less than a year ago.

thumbTheir initial release was in year 2000 so you can imagine how many years of experience and bug fixes this product has.

title-decoGood uses for vBulletin

What good will a forum do your pages? Here are some good examples on how a forum can benefit your page:

thumbPages about running shoes can have a forum that discusses running trends, tips and even events within specific areas so that your users do not just go to your site to buy shoes, they go there to reference information about a lifestyle.

thumbPages about real estate can help increase their sales numbers by having forums that revolve around homemaking. Interior design tips, how to manage light and air flow in your home and even how to layout your kitchen are interesting and potentially high traffic ideas for your forum.

thumbA fashion blog can have a forum about specific fashion events like the Oscars Red Carpet or specific brands showcased in Fashion Week.

These are all ideas that can be executed well (and quickly) by vBulletin.

title-decoTips for keeping your vBulletin secure

To help keep your vBulletin contents secure, here are some helpful tips:

thumbAlways update to the latest version of vBulletin so that you inherit bug fixes to your version

thumbCreate difficult to guess passwords. Combine numbers and letters in various cases so that your password cannot be easily decrypted.

thumbPractice hard deleting posts (deletion from actual database and not just hiding it from public view) so that in case your forum gets hacked, delicate information that you have previously deleted cannot be viewed again.