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Is iPage Hosting A Green Company?

ipage-logoiPage is one of the most affordable hosting companies out there. Whether you are just starting out or someone who is managing multiple web sites, the savings that you may get by getting iPage plans is valuable.

controlpanel-iconBut managing a website is not just about being able to save lots of money. It is also about making sure your site is easily updated, always up and running as intended. You also need to check the following aspects of a potential web hosting company:

thumbDo they have 24/7 support so that anytime your site conks out, you can get in touch with them for troubleshooting?

thumbDo they have tools to help you set up your site quickly?

thumbHow long is their money back guarantee?

thumbDo they have ample storage and bandwidth allocation for your site?

thumbHow many email addresses can they support? Is this enough for you to run your operations smoothly?

thumbDoes it support other technical requirements needed by your site such as spam protection, CRON jobs support, MySQL databases etc.?

title-decoWhy do you want to support a green company?

recycle-iconApart from the key questions listed above, it would be great if you would also consider the environmental impact of your web hosting server. Servers around the world are responsible for a surprisingly alarming carbon dioxide emission rate.

This means that the heat that these servers produce (and there are a lot of them – just imagine how many websites are running right at this minute) is harmful to the environment. Then these servers are POWERED by fossil fuel energy, a form of energy that is not renewable.

thumbIt would be really great if your webhosting company is using green energy so that there is less guilt and in a way, you are already helping the environment.

title-decoWhat does being green mean?

Being green means:

thumbUsing renewable energy to power your equipment. This may be water energy, mechanical energy or in the case of iPage, wind energy (from wind turbines)

thumbReducing the amount of harmful emissions your servers are contributing to the atmosphere

thumbReusing a lot of your materials so that you don’t have to purchase or create new ones

These are just three simple principles but they are very difficult to power. One of the best ways to go green is to choose an alternate source of energy so that you are not involved in the depletion of fossil fuel resources. The processing of fossil fuel itself contributes to pollution, along with the dangers associated with distributing it.

title-decoHow does iPage help the environment?

wind-iconiPage helps the environment by using 100% wind energy. Some companies use solar panels to supplement some of their energy-needing activities but with iPage, they are using 100% wind energy to power all of the servers that they have to support the more than 1,000,000 pages that depend on them.

title-decoBenefits and advantages of an iPage green hosting plan

Apart from being able to help your environment, keep in mind the following benefits of an iPage hosting account:

thumbSecurity suite with spam filters and constant network monitoring. Valued for over $100 but given for free to every account

thumbMarketing suite with Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing credits, amounting to more than $300 but also given for free

thumbSupport suite with a dedicated customer service personnel for you, valued for over $50 but given for free by iPage