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Is iPage Compatible With Mac?

title-decoWhat’s Your OS Platform?

computer-iconThe three most popular operating system used by computers are Mac OS, Windows and Linux. People prefer the operating system installed on their computer depending on their need, its ease of use, the security they need, and its compatibility with the software that they need to use.

Mac OS is used by people who mostly work on video rendering and editing, photo editing or graphic design. Windows is still preferred by most businesses due to its user-friendly interface and compatibility with most software. Linux is mostly used by hardcore IT professionals, and is also used by those who run their own servers or develop their own websites.

thumbWhatever the operating system is installed on your desktop computer or laptop, you have to make sure that everything you use with it (it may be a software or hardware) is compatible with your computer.

title-decoiPage and Mac OS: Any Compatibility Issues?

pc_backup-iconOne question that we always ask when we got a new software is this: Is it compatible with my computer? We have to make sure before installing any software on our computer will work, or you will only end up wasting your money since we wouldn’t be able to use it anyway.

thumbSame goes when looking for a webhosting provider.

They should be able to support the user whatever operating system they have on their computer, and make it easy for other people to view the websites they host.

ipage-logoiPage uses Linux as their base operating system, and although they use this operating system, iPage have considered that some of their subscribers may be running on Mac OS.

They made sure that they would be able to use all the services that comes with their subscription. If you are a Mac user, you need to have the following for your iPage account could work:

thumbOSX 10.4 or higher

thumbLatest version of the web browser should be installed on your computer

title-decoBuilding Your Site With iPage Web Builder Tools

Whether you’re a Mac user, a Windows user, or a Linux user, you would still be able to create your website using iPage’s Website Builder with ease. With iPage Website Builder, you can

thumbChoose design layout that will suit your website

thumbAdd elements on you website such as widgets and multimedia items

thumbAdd and edit contents for your website

thumbPublish your website with ease

tool-iconSome web building tools in the Website Builder are already applications, so you still need to check if the tools you need on your site are compatible and will be able to work on other Mac computers.

thumbWhen you use the iPage Website Builder, your website can still be loaded and viewed by other Mac users.

controlpanel-iconYou can manage your account, access the control panel and use the basic and add-on services straight from your Mac computer. It is easy to user and all you have to do is drag and drop. iPage Website Builder comes free with your subscription with no additional charge.

thumbThey also offer premium site builder with additional features for an extra fee.

title-decoSupport When You Need It Most

cs-iconiPage’s customer support can be reached through phone, chat and email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anytime you encounter any problems while creating or maintaining your website, you can be sure that you can get hold of anyone from iPage who is willing to help resolve your problem.

shield-iconYou can also check the knowledge base on iPage for documentations, and use the online help center as a quick guide. On top with their support, iPage also makes sure that your website is also protected and secure, and is working properly all the time.