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iPage WordPress Setup Guide

title-decoWhy do you need iPage?

wallet-iconFor both newbies and expert web admins, iPage is increasingly popular because they are both affordable and feature-packed. If you are just starting out in the web business or just experimenting with what you can do with a website, iPage is a good starting point since it will only require you $1.99 per month (prepaid for a 2-year contract) – which is really cheap.

thumbIt is cheaper than your gourmet coffee!

ipage-logoFor those who are managing multiple sites, this friendly price tag helps you keep your running costs down especially since you need to pay for multiple domains, content and even add ons like security suites and marketing costs.

Other than the savings that it will bring your team, here are the other benefits of using iPage as your web host:

thumbAnytime money back guarantee. So you don’t need to rush your evaluation of their services, you can always contact the iPage team if you think you are not getting what you signed up for.

thumbLots of marketing support that you can use to launch your site or boost your sales. Things like Google Adwords, Facebook ad credits and Yahoo listings for free.

thumbFree website template tools so that even without WordPress, you can start creating pages for your site.

title-decoWhy do you need WordPress?

Apart from web templates, you need a content management system like WordPress to make update and maintenance of your site’s content much easier. WordPress helps you:

thumbWrite and update the text content of your site. WordPress allows you to save posts as drafts and then publish them during a specific time.

thumbTake advantage of ready-made plugins like social media buttons, links and feeds

thumbTake advantage of mobile-porting applications so that you don’t need to create a separate site for your mobile users.

Of course there are many more features provided by WordPress but these are the most practical ones for a newbie web admin.

title-decoStep by step instructions for your WordPress setup

Here’s how you can setup your WordPress through iPage:

thumbLogin to your vDeck control panel

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thumbUnder the “WEBSITE” section, find the “WordPress” icon and click it

fatcow reviews

thumbYou may encounter this warning after clicking the wordpress icon, just click the continue button.


thumbOn the next page, you will be redirected to mojomarketplace.com to install wordpress.


thumbNext, click for the “Start” button to do a brand new install of wordpress in your site if this was the first time. If not, click the “Import” button if there’s an existing installation.


thumbAfter that, choose the domain you want to run in wordpress. Dont forget to click the “Check Domain” button if the domain is ready for the installation.


thumbLastly, click on the “Install Now” button to install wordpress in your selected domain. Dont forget to check the “I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2“


Just make sure you have the latest WordPress kit downloaded.

title-decoWhat to do next?

computer-iconAfter installation, you can now enter your content. You can start by selecting the theme that you want. You can choose from thousands of templates, both paid and free so that you can start creating your site. You can easily change from one template to the other.

thumbYou can also customize your templates so that you can incorporate your brand colors, logos and even the layout.

Other things that you should take advantage of when using WordPress:

thumbFacebook feeds insertion and ready-made buttons for liking and sharing

thumbTwitter feeds insertion and a retweet function – no coding needed!

thumbSEO mechanisms to drive traffic to your site

thumbStatistics counters to help analyze your site data, a good alternative to Google Analytics

thumbImport content from Tumblr, for those who have existing Tumblr pages

thumbPlugins for video display, photo browsing and even PayPal integration are all available via WordPress