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iPage vDeck Control Panel Guide

controlpanel-iconThe control panel is a very important part of your website because this is where you manage your site without having too much difficulty. This is the admin panel of your web hosting subscription. You can adjust the settings of your website and other functions on your site.

In the control panel, there are important things involved such as the following:

thumbManaging domain names

thumbCreating MySQL database

thumbFTP client access

thumbCreating/Handling Email accounts

thumbAccess website builder

thumbInstall apps

thumbInstall SSL certificates

These are some of the important things that you can see on your control panel. With a myriad of things to control, it is important that the control panel has an easy-to-use interface where you do not have to be techy to be able to navigate around.

title-decovDeck Control Panel

tool-iconcPanel is the most commonly used control panel by many websites. iPage used it too before they used vDeck as part of their modernization. vDeck is quite new in the market but it is becoming more and more popular among web hosting companies. vDeck has the following features:

windowSimplicity – after logging in, you will find that all the things used for web management are located on one page.

folderCategorized – the options are arranged by categories so you will be able to find them faster.

title-decoCustomize Sidecar

stats-iconThe vDeck control panel has a sidebar where vital details about your account are displayed. There are widgets that you can customize depending on the information that you want to be displayed. This will make access to the control panel easier and faster.

thumbThe sidebar also contains the applications that are most commonly used.

title-decoWeb Management Tools

os-iconDomains, database, and scripts are all in one place and are arranged by category. This will make it easier for you to find the tools without so much difficulty. The web management tools are arranged like your desktop where there are large icons of the apps that you often use.


software-iconOne of the great features of iPage is that you can create backups or it can be done automatically depending on your subscription. In case something goes wrong, you can restore the previous version of the files and your site will be back to its original look.

thumbThe Backup/Restore button is your friend.

title-decoMarketing Services

The control panel has an integrated feature for marketing and this can be very helpful especially to those are just starting with their business.

title-deco1-Click SimpleScripts Installer

ss-iconSimpleScripts is utilized by iPage to install web apps or scripts to your website hosted on iPage. This is located as an icon on your control panel. But the moment you open it, you might be overwhelmed with the scripts listed.

thumbYou can choose from any of the hundreds of script and install them in just one click.

title-decoDomain Manager

The DomainCentral can be found on the vDeck control panel. This is where all domains are managed regardless of whether they are hosted under iPage or not. You can review all renewal options or enable domain privacy under Domain Manager.

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