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title-decoAn Introduction To SSH

shield-iconSSH is an acronym for Secure Shell. It is a protocol that secures and encrypts data exchange over the network. SSH commonly uses port 22 to be able to connect securely to other computers in the network.

thumbWhat SSH does is it makes sure that their connection is secure, and that the sensitive data being transferred over the network is encrypted and won’t be compromised.

SSH should be used when you need to exchange sensitive data over the network, and if you don’t want other people to intercept these data. Below are some of the benefits of using SSH.

thumbUsing SSH proves to be more secure

thumbIt is more reliable, especially when managing remote servers

thumbIt provides encryption for data transfer

thumbYou can manage and remote servers and computers

thumbIt redirects traffic to a more secure channel

thumbIt provides four security benefits – user authentication, host authentication, data encryption and data integrity

title-decoUsing SSH For A More Secured Network

lock-iconPeople who often use SSH are those who need to remotely login and access their servers. Most of them are usually application developers and network administrators, who need to manipulate data from their server right to their own work station.

thumbSSH is also used by most businesses to be able to exchange data and files, without the worry of any outsider being able to get hold of them.

SSH comes with Linux, while Windows user need to install it using OpenSSH or Cygwin.

title-decoDoes Your Website Need SSH?

pcsecured-iconSecurity is important, especially when you establish your own website. You have to make sure that your contents are protected, and important data will always be secure. Websites that require exchange of sensitive information, such as online banks and online stores, may need to have SSH connection.

thumbIf you need to be able to access and manage the host server, it is a must that you use SSH.

A personal and simple website, like a blog, does not need to have SSH connection. However, security is still a big deal, even if your website does not have any important data. It is important to protect our website from hackers.

title-decoiPage, SSH and Your Website Security

ipage-logoYou iPage subscription not only comes with basic services that can help you set up and maintain your website. It also comes with security suite package to keep you protected.

thumbThey make sure that your website is always protected from any intruders, such as hackers, spammers or any unwanted parties.

tool-iconFor now, iPage does not support SSH. The reason behind this is because iPage designed its tools to be user-friendly, especially to beginners. Setting up SSH network can tend to be difficult and complicated since you need to make sure that the right configuration is in place.

flag-iconAn advance user’s expertise may be needed to make these configurations. Even though iPage does not have any SSH support, there are still other options in your subscription that helps to make your website more secure.

iPage offers SiteLock, an enhanced security suite, at no additional cost.

closed-lockiPage offers SSL certificate support for those who purchase them from their partner, GeoTrust

eyeiPage Domain Privacy ensures the privacy of your personal details and sensitive data. It helps to mask personal or information, such as name, address and phone number from the WHOIS databse. It’s a good way to keep away unwanted third parties away from your important information.

magnifying-glassIdentity Theft and Secure Your Data is an add-on service that helps to identify vulnerabilities in your web site.

thumbFurthermore, iPage’s systems are secure.

They can quickly detect any security breach, thanks to their team of network administrators.