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iPage SiteLock Pricing And Details

title-decoiPage SiteLock

lock-iconIt is iPage’s ultimate role to ensure that you are building and developing your site in a continuously safe environment. It is also with this aim that they had chosen to partner with one of the best security company that is available now on the web. This is SiteLock.

thumbIt is the one that takes care of the hosting provider’s sites when it comes to filtering destructive viruses and other forms of damaging malwares.

It is also equipped with a spam protection feature especially for its emails. SiteLock posts on “badges” on their protected pages to ensure builders and guests that the site is continually being monitored and kept protected under their name.

title-decoThe SiteLock Security Feature on iPage

identity-iconThe World Wide Web is already dominated by a lot of entrepreneurs as of the present time. Millions of business transactions involving huge amounts are happening online. This is why the internet had also been a good venue for hackers, online thieves, and other forms of frauds.

thumbThey would do everything in their power to be able to break in and get hold of some cash and credits for free.

shield-iconThis being said, it is a must that every online transaction is kept secured and well regulated by online protection. You can never get too complaisant. This is why security features, like the one offered by SiteLock, is a must on the internet. You cannot afford to lose a huge chunk of your dollars just because you didn’t choose to get protected.

thumbWith just $12.95 per year, you will have the confidence that any online transaction done on your site is fully protected and kept safe.

title-decoPerks of iPage’s SiteLock Security

flag-iconiPage’s SiteLock Security had proven itself to be not just reliable, but also equipped with advanced features that improves the safety of its subscribers websites. Let us look into the actual perks that this security system is offering its clients:

thumb  It offers an unlimited support.

thumb  It comes with icons that can be used when doing business transactions with your guests.

thumb  It also has customizable security packages that you can employ according to your site’s level of security need.

thumb  It offers tools that make money transactions easy and safe.

thumb  It has a 360 degrees type of technology that saves the bandwidth of your site.

thumb  It is compatible with a wide range of environment.

thumb  It also includes engineer access that will work to fix any error.

thumb  It blocks spam and monitors them.

thumb  It is made best for small and medium scaled online businesses.

thumb  It performs daily scans to keep site protected.

thumb  It also offers blacklist monitoring for search engines.

title-decoGetting In-depth with SiteLock

If you are planning to start up your own page, you would absolutely need to get it protected in order to maintain the integrity of your site and all its contents. Here are some more things you need to learn about SiteLock protection:

envelopeSiteLock has advanced features that will see to it that the emails you send from your domain will not be marked as spams when it reaches your clients. This is especially needed if you are planning on sending bulk of messages like newsletters on a regular basis or updates for your site via mail. This will ensure that it will be read by your clients.

closed-lockYour site will be recognized with SiteLock’s badge if you are under its protection. This is a means of telling everyone that your site is continually being protected.

eyeIn-depth scans happen daily with SiteLock aside from your own scans. This will check for any possible form of viruses, malwares, and the like that may be harming your page. Amidst that, it is its subscribers least concern because even before they are able to break in, they are already blocked automatically.

shieldEven with its preliminary protection, SiteLock still scans your database to double check on possible threats.

cartWith SiteLock working on your page, your clients will be at full ease to do business transactions with you. This would surely increase your site’s revenue.