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iPage PHP Specification

title-decoPHP 101

php-logoWe always hear the acronym PHP, but some of us don’t know what it really is, and what it really is for. PHP, or PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is open-source scripting language that is widely used for web development.

thumbIt is specially used for dynamic websites and for server-side web development.

Although a simple HTML and CSS can be used to create websites, PHP tends to give more benefits. Some advantages of using PHP are as follows:

ipage reviewsPHP is an open source language, which means that you can use it for free and anytime you want.

fatcow reviewPHP is flexible and can work on any platform, such as Windows, Mac or Linux.

fatcow reviews
It can be easily integrated or embedded in HTML.

thunderIt does not eat much of the system resource, so it would not slow down the computer.

toolsIt can be integrated with other web tools and software for better use.

title-decoPHP vs. HTML

PHP and HTML goes hand in hand when it comes to creating a good website. Although both can be used for web development, there are some things that PHP can do that HTML can’t such as:

thumbConnecting to databases such as MySQL, and interacts with it, performing tasks such as adding, updating and deleting information on the database.

thumbPHP can perform calculations.

thumbIt can check for errors.

thumbIt can generate graphics.

thumbManipulates string/texts/ or data to display desired output.

thumbIt is capable of creating sessions or cookies, where the website can remember the last time you visited.

tool-iconPHP is used more on dynamic websites, where information and data being displayed can be changed, while HTML is used on static websites, where it only displays what is coded on it. Although there is a significance difference between the two, both are used to be able to create a website that would suit the needs of the business, or even an individual.

title-decoiPage and Your PHP Content

ipage-logoJust like other webhosting providers, iPage offers a reliable PHP hosting at a low cost, making it the preferred webhosting provider by web developers. With its low fee, iPage offers more benefits to its clientele such as the following:

thumbiPage can handle both PHP 4 and PHP 5 version, giving you the option to use any of these versions or switch from one to another without any problem.

thumbYou can access the php/MyAdmin page from iPage’s control panel. The control panel also have a knowledge base to help you troubleshoot your PHP-based website.

thumbiPage regularly and automatically performs PHP updates, assuring you of a more secure service and prevents any future complications or compatibility issues.

thumbWith iPage’s PHP hosting, you can get free services such as free domain name, website builder tool, unlimited hosting and bandwidth space, unlimited databases and marketing credits.

thumbiPage offers a money-back guarantee, anytime you wish to cancel your service because of dissatisfaction.

title-decoWhat To Remember

cs-iconYou will always get support when you needed to. It is important to remember that the iPage’s support system is catered for more experiences PHP users and developers.

thumbIt is recommended for a PHP beginner to use the latest version, which is PHP5.

docu-iconReview the PHP scripts thoroughly to avoid future complications or issues with the website. You can read on some PHP documentations that are available for your reference. Take note of the required memory and runtime for the scripts.

software-iconIt is recommended to have 64 MB memory for scripts for PHP CMS applications, while PHP/CGI/PERL scripts should only have a runtime up to 60 seconds. iPage does not offer support for custom scripts, so you should know how your script should work.

thumbOtherwise, see the help of a professional web developer that would know how the PHP script would work.