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iPage FTP Guide

title-decoThings You Need To Know About FTP

up-iconFTP is the acronym for File Transfer Protocol. This is used when you need to upload or download a file directly from a remote computer to your own station. Using FTP is a simple way to exchange data in a network, especially if you need to upload and download large files.

thumbFTP uses TCP/IP, the same protocol that the internet uses, to be able to send and receive files.

It directly connects to the server or computer where the file is, which makes downloading and uploading files much faster. There are two types of FTP connection.

activeActive FTP connection is a type of connection where your FTP client sends important information to another computer such as IP address or port number to the FTP server before establishing a connection

passivePassive FTP connection is a type of connection where the FTP client sends PASV command to the FTP server. When the FTP server accepts this command, it will tell what port is open and will allow you to exchange data with that remote server.

os-iconFTP is needed, especially in webhosting. There are some files that you may need to get from your webhosting service provider in order for your website to work properly. FTP is also an easy way for you to upload your work on your provider’s server.

title-decoiPage And FTP

ipage-logoSome webhosting service providers offers FTP services. Some offers their own FTP clients for their customers’ use. iPage, on the other hand, supports FTP connection, making it easier for you to transfer files from your computer to iPage’s server.

You can use any kind of FTP client that you have available on your computer. iPage also helps to setup and configure your FTP client to be able to connect with them. What you will need to get started are the following:

thumbUser ID or login name that is the same as your username for iPage

thumbPassword for your iPage account

thumbIP address or hostname of iPage, which is ftp.ipage.com

Take note that iPage have a single access policy, wherein you need to use your iPage username and password across all of their services. This ensures that whatever service you use, you would be able to access them, and you don’t have to remember a lot of username and passwords.

thumbYou can find all information needed on FTP Management page under the control panel.

title-decoA Guide To Configure Your FTP Client

tool-iconThere are a lot of FTP clients available for you to use. Some of them even comes for free. Some of the most commonly used FTP client is FileZilla, WS_FTP, FTP Voyager and Cute FTP.

thumbIt’s not that difficult to configure your FTP client with iPage.

All the information you need is in the FTP management page, where the username, hostname and required settings are displayed. After that, just follow the instructions to configure the FTP client, and before you knew it, you will be able to upload files to the iPage’s server.

flag-iconIf you need further help in configuring your FTP client for your iPage account, you may want to check out the step-by-step tutorials that can be seen on iPage’s knowledge base.

title-decoBenefits of Using FTP

Using FTP proves to have its benefits as well.

thumbYou can download and upload files in any size. It doesn’t matter how small or big it is.

thumbIt is much faster since you will be connecting directly to the server.

thumbYou can transfer data or files in bulk

thumbYou can manage files on local and remote computers. You will be able to add or delete files on them.

thumbIt saves a backup of your file, You can be sure that if you lost a copy of your uploaded file on your computer, you can easily download it from the remote computer through FTP.