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title-decoWhat is Ecommerce?

e-commerceElectronic commerce or most popularly referred to as Ecommerce is a type of transaction that is made on the internet. It has now become a popular means of business transaction for most entrepreneurs and busy buyers who does not have enough time to shop and do individual payments on certain physical establishments.

title-decoWhy Choose Ecommerce?

addon-iconWhy has Ecommerce become popular? Well, it may be credited to the fact that it is most convenient for people nowadays to use it as they can do a lot of things in just one sitting. These include: paying bills, purchasing stuff, and the like.

store-iconThis decreases the hassles of having to drive through different establishments just to be able to do individual transactions. The busy schedule might also hinder people from doing this in the actual set up.

thumbUsing the internet to do these tasks is surely an answer to their heavy load.

title-decoExamples of Ecommerce

os-iconIn as much as online transaction is concern, it is best to know that almost all aspects of the real world already has its own online counter-part. This means that the processes that you do daily may already be done on the internet, as well.

Here are some good examples of Ecommerce and how it is able to bring ease to the people:

bankOn banking– you can check on your account and do other banking transactions without having to intentionally go to your individual banks. You can do this by just going online.

bookOn booking– if you are planning on your travels, you can book your trips online instead of driving far just to get your sure slots. In the web, you can easily check for best available dates that you want and directly pay for it.

credit-cardOn paying– because of your busy schedules at work or at your other activities, you may not have enough time to pay for your bills or other things. It is good to know that with the advent of E-commerce, you can now do bill payments online with not much of the hassle.

cartOn purchasing– online stores are everywhere on the web. They are similar to the actual establishments. The good thing about this is that everything is already laid upon on the net and window shopping is made possible in simple clicks and navigation.

You can do easy purchasing for the things that you like without having to go to individual stores.

tagOn auction– you can participate in auctions even if you are not on the actual place. You can just place your bids online. This is like doing it in the actual set up. The only difference is that it is more convenient.

title-decoiPage and its Ecommerce Tools

Ecommerce is already practiced everywhere on the net. iPage also sees this need especially for clients putting up business websites. This is the reason why it has also come up with tools needed for Ecommerce which include:

cc-iconCredit Card Processing Applications– this is especially needed because online payments are mostly done via credit cards. If you are planning to have your own business site, you would also need to have a credit card support to manage your clients’ payments.

For other hosting sites, you may have to purchase it from PayPal or other merchant solution providers, but with iPage support, this comes automatically with your business account.

cart-iconShopping Carts– these are actual applications that aid your customers in making their online shopping experience easy and hassle free. These are much like actual shopping carts you use to pick up things on the supermarket.

Once clients are able to see the item of their choice, they can just click on the “add to cart” button to put it on their list of products to be bought. If for instance they change their minds, they can also easily remove it from their list. If they are contented with the products that they want to buy, they can click on “check-out” to be able to pay for the items.

shield-iconSSL Certificates– Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to ensure the security of information that is being sent over the web. This is most needed for business transactions that involve money and credit card information. It will ensure that data sent over the net is not interrupted by hackers or online thieves.