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iPage CMS Options

ipage reviewCreating a blog or a high-traffic eCommerce site? There is an easier way today to create your content, publish them when you wish and easily search for previous posts without having to do all these manually.

thumbContent Management Systems or CMS’s help you maintain and create a website that can be updated as often as every couple of minutes every day.

ipage reviewsSeveral years ago, you will need an HTML developer to update your web contents and then you have to build things from scratch, like your shopping cart, your photo gallery, your emailer etc. Now, you just have to trust one content management system to do that for you.

If you are going with iPage, you have these three fabulous options to choose from.

title-decoOption #1: WordPress

Want to know why WordPress is the world’s most preferred content management system? Read on below:

thumbFully compliant to the W3C standards so that you don’t have to think too much about browser compatibility, efficiency in loading pages and the overall performance of your site

thumbQuick installation and easy to use, even for first time users

thumbCustomizable WordPress templates

thumbRich choices in paid and FREE templates for you to choose from

thumbSpam protection built in

thumbAllows multiple authors to edit your content

thumbAllows comments for your site’s visitors so that you can further enrich the process

thumbLots of plugins available due to the very active WordPress developer community

title-decoOption #2: Drupal

Here are the strong points of Drupal, another content management system that you can use with iPage:

thumbAdvanced search mechanism

thumbStatistics for logging your site’s activities already implemented

thumbMulti-level menu for your site

thumbMulti-site support, so you can control multiple websites from a single Drupal dashboard

thumbUser profiles are given so that you know which person changed what.

thumbWorkflow tools to help you better communicate to your team how you want your website to function.

thumbThemes that can be customized, not just your color scheme but also how you configure the user interface.

thumbAt some point, it is a matter of preferences when you are faced with multiple content management system options.

title-decoOption #3: Joomla

Your third option is Joomla. While quite resource intensive (it can be heavy on the database side), a lot of people still prefer Joomla because of the following reasons:

thumbLanguage manager. You can easily localize the contents of your site via this feature. Even your dashboard for your administrators can support multiple languages.

thumbBanner management. You need to earn clicks and hits via web ads and banners are the major form of advertisement on websites today. With Joomla, you can have multiple banners per campaign and you can insert special URL’s for tracking you ads activities.

thumbCreate polls for your users and visitors for a more interactive web site feel.

thumbMedia manager – helps you organize your file types.

thumbBuilt in help system from tutorials regarding web templates to

title-decoCMS and iPage – additional cost?

fatcow reviewThere is no additional cost to the use of these CMS’s on iPage. These are all open source tools that you can download from their original site. You just have to install it. There is also no additional charge from iPage if a site is using a CMS to manage its content.