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How to Use SSL Security On iPage Hosting

os-iconWebsite owners who sell online or engage in e-commerce need to make sure that they have a very good online security. This is because there are multiple hackers that threaten to seize your personal as well as financial information which can be used to purchase products from other websites.

thumbThe personal information taken from the website can also be used maliciously by hackers which makes visitors wary of giving their information in the first place.

cs-iconTherefore it is better to ensure that the personal information needed by your website is secure. This means that your website must have a current SSL security so that the visitors and customers are assured that the information given is safe from theft.

title-decoWhat is SSL?

lock-iconSSL is a short cut for Secure Sockets Layer which is used to ensure that the data transmission of sensitive information is safe. SSL is primarily used to protect the information given on a business transaction as well as for personal use.

safe-iconHaving a SSL logo means that the website ensures that the information you give as a visitor is protected from hackers as well as any person not affiliated with the website. The SSL sign can be found at the address bar which is symbolised as a form of a padlock before the web address.

thumbYou will need to check that the http must have an s at the end or https://

The https:// must be colored green as well as the padlock while the domain name or website address is in black font. An example of this is the log-in or sign up page found in Facebook or PayPal.

title-decoNeed for SSL

The website owner needs to ensure that the information given by its visitors are secure since these includes:



thumbEmail messages

thumbCredit card information

thumbEmail addresses

title-decoSSL Benefits

shield-iconThe benefit of having SSL is that it enhances the security of your website so that more visitors will be able to purchase from you in the future. The better security of a website also increases visitors as well as increases purchases and results in higher profits for online sellers.

The benefit of the higher traffic for websites is that the website owner will also benefit from increased visits or clicks resulting in earnings. The use of SSL will not be considered useful in a blog site since the objective is to make the visitor leave comments or opinions.

title-decoInstalling SSL

ipage-logoThere are two SSL certificates offered by iPage which are QuickSSL Premium and Shared certificate. There are huge differences between the SSL certificates offered since one is given for free while the other needs to be purchased as a separate feature.

thumbThe Shared SSL is the SSL Security feature that is given free by iPage to all of its website owners regardless of their hosting plan.

The Shared SSL uses the domain page name hosted by iPage which is seen as SSL:https://yourusername.ipage.com. The SSL Premium certificate is vastly different since it is seen as SSL:https://www.yourdomain.com which is associated with the domain name.

title-decoQuickSSL Premium Certificate

geo-iconGeotrust offers and provides for the QuickSSL Premium certificate but this need to be purchased as an additional feature by the website owner. This is because GeoTrust is already a reputable SSL provider which iPage made easier to install for website owners.

thumbThe SSL Premium certificate is automatically installed by iPage and GeoTrust upon the website owner’s purchase.

The QuickSSL premium certificate includes:

thumbA 256-bit encryption

thumbProtection level at $100,000

thumbSecure access of the https

thumbGeoSure protection plan

thumbAn extended warranty

thumbFree reissues which are unlimited

thumbCompatible with mobile devices