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How to Transfer Your Website from Yahoo! Hosting to iPage

title-decoYahoo! Hosting

yahooYahoo! is already a well established name in the online industry. It has been able to come up with a variety of services that is enjoyed by a lot of people.

thumbIt has its own email support, search engine, and the like.

os-iconPart of its many divisions is its web hosting support that is offered in its own business section. Because of the name that is able to sustain, signing up with their hosting service might give you good reviews but it might be a bit expensive especially if you are still a beginner.

wallet-iconThis may also be the reason why there are Yahoo! web hosting clients who would choose to move in to another web hosting provider who could give them a much similar service but at a lower price range.

thumbA lot of them choose to move in to iPage.

flag-iconiPage may not be as big as Yahoo! service but with its over a decade of existence, it has been able to pave its way to the top 10 among the many web hosting providers that is competing in the web.

thumbIt is also a powerful web hosting provider and had proven to be reliable when it comes to hosting web pages.

title-decoFrom Yahoo! to iPage

Moving to a new provider is always your choice as a site developer. Here are some good guidelines that you can use when transferring between providers:

icon_balanceFirst, weigh the benefits and disadvantages of doing the transfer. If you think the advantages outweighs the negative points of the relocation, then by all means, transfer to a new provider.

refreshIt is preferred that you do a transfer of your domain name from Yahoo! to iPage instead of doing the complete transfer that would involve moving out all the details in your previous database.

The latter would be a much more complicated type of transfer. The first type of transfer, on the other hand, which involved transferring only the domain will take some few online reconfigurations.

thumbThe best thing about it is that it will be completed in a short span of time and your avid guests might not even notice of the switch.

title-decoOn Switching Domains

link-iconSwitching domains involve registering your domain with your new hosting site and cancelling out your previous domain registration with your past provider. To avoid site errors, it is advised that you first register your page with your new provider before completely cancelling your registration with your old one.

title-decoSteps in Domain Transfer

Here are the steps that you can use to guide you with your domain transfer form Yahoo! to ipage:

opened-lockUnlock your domain– unlock the domain name from your previous registrar. You can do this by navigating towards your old provider’s Domain Control Panel and clicking on the “Unlock Domain” button. Be sure that the domain that you choose is active as you may not be able to unlock pending domains.

thumbs-upVerify the change– after unlocking the domain, check for an email verification notice on your email account registered with your chosen domain.

chipGet the Transfer authorization Code– this is needed for the transfer process. To get it, go to the Domain Control Panel and click on “View Your Authorization Code”. If you are having a hard time getting it, check on the “Knowledgebase” for the exact steps. This is a table that is found on the net.

laptopLogin to your new hosting account with iPage then go to the “DomainCentral”.

keyKey in the domain name that you want to transfer and click on “Add Existing Domain”.

windowSelect the domain name that you entered and try expanding it until the domain settings dialog will be seen on the screen.

keyboardEnter the authorization code that you were able to obtain earlier and hit on “Transfer”.

envelopeAn email verification notice will again be sent to your email address. Verify the transfer that you want.

closed-lockThe final step is to lock your domain once more to keep it safe and secured.