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How to Transfer Your Website from FatCow to iPage

up-iconThere are other web host providers that also offer the same package as those of iPage. Unfortunately some website owners may have problems with the web host’s uptime especially when it affects the website of a customer.

thumbThis has led to website owners wanting to transfer from their old web host provider to a new one.


fatcow-logoFatCow has an excellent reputation of being affordable as well as having an easy to use control panel. But there are some website owners who prefer another web host provider since it is a better match for their requirements.

title-decoLevel of transferring Difficulty

link-iconTransferring a website from a web host provider to another may be considered from easy to difficult. But this is not the case when transferring from FatCow since it only requires an online configuration of the host accounts.

thumbThis can be easily done by transferring only the domain name without the need to transfer the website’s entire database as well as all the files.

This means that the server will only be changed and that the visitors will not notice much difference in performance wince the website will need to go through a downtime while the switch is currently in progress.

title-decoTransferring Domains

recycle-iconThe main requirement is that you will need to register the domain name with the new web host provider while cancelling the old one. This means that it may take a few days before the transfer of domain names may be successfully completed from FatCow.

It further means that the registration with FatCow will need to be unexpired until the time it is transferred or you can inform the tech support team of the website transfer intent.

title-decoSteps to Transfer

lock-iconThe first step is to make sure that the domain name currently registered with FatCow is unlocked. This is the default since it is to make sure that the website is secured from being hacked by unknown people. This can be done by manually unlocking the domain name under the following steps.

thumbYou will need to first log in with “DomainCentral.”

thumbThe next step is to look for the domain that you want to transfer and expand its settings.

thumbLook for the “Overview” tab so that you can click the “Security” tab.

thumbYou will need to look for the “Unlock Domain” button so that it can be chosen.

thumbYou will see a prompt that indicates that the domain name has already been unlocked.

thumbLook for the “Disable Domain Privacy” button to click it.

thumbA red “Disabled” word will appear on the top right portion of the tab.

thumbBut you need to make sure that all the information are correct such as your email address. This can be found on the “Contact” tab and you will need to check that all the information is still active.

thumbAfter making sure that the domain name is unlocked, you will need to get the transfer authorization code from the old web host provider. This can be requested from the technical support team.

thumbYou will need to look for the domain name first and then click the “Transfer” tab.

thumbThe “Send Auth-info Code” button will also need to be clicked.

thumbThe code will be sent to your email address which is found in the “Contact” tab.

thumbThe ipage hosting account will need to be logged on.

thumbLook for the hosting control panel so that the “DomainCentral” icon is opened.

thumbType in the domain name by selecting the “Add Existing Domain” and then clicking the “Add” button.

thumbLook for the added domain name and open the domain settings dialog so that it can be expanded.

thumbType in the authorization code given by FatCow.

thumbClick the “Transfer” button.

thumbAn email will be sent to your email address that contains additional instructions on how the transfer process can be completed.

thumbLock you domain name so that unwanted persons will not be able to transfer it.