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How to Transfer Your Website from BlueHost to iPage

title-decoWhat is BlueHost?

bluehost-logoBlueHost is a web hosting provider that is also popular for its advanced features, quality service, and easy to use tools when it comes to web hosting. It is also one of the top 10 web hosting providers that is available in the web. It has been able to get good feedbacks from its clients.

As compared to iPage, which is another hosting site, BlueHost’s plans might be a little more expensive.

thumbThis is mostly the reason why some of its clients would prefer to move in to iPage.

title-decoA Transfer From BlueHost to iPage

link-iconA transfer from one web hosting provider to another is not new in the web. It is happening because of the web developers’ constant search for reliable yet affordable web hosting site. Among the transfers, there are those that move from BlueHost to iPage.

Here are some few things that you should know about transferring between providers:

bulbDon’t make abrupt decisions. Think of it again and again and decide whether you would really want to transfer. After all, any transfer may pose some disadvantages, too. It is best that you weigh it over with the positive things.

refreshIt is encouraged that if you are decided to transfer, go for transferring your domain name alone instead of your entire site. This is because transferring your whole site, including all the data in its database, would involve huge and complicated processes that may warrant advance tech skills.

title-decoPoints to Remember in Transferring Domains

pc_backup-iconThere are things that you should keep in mind when doing domain transfers. These are important so as to avoid unnecessary errors along the way. You cannot afford presenting your site as under construction for few days. You might just lose potential clients.

thumbYou need to have continuity in the operation of your page.

You can do this by remembering these things:

windowAll data found on your site will remain as it is while you will be at the height of the transfer process. There will then be no manipulations at this time. If you have important changes to do to your data, might as well do it before transferring or you may also choose to make adjustments after completing the transfer process.

walletIf the transfer would occur during the waiting period which is 45 days for the existing domains and 60 days for the new ones, you might just lose the year that you had already paid for your domain registration.

globe-2The transfer normally applies only to those domains with the extensions: .org, .us, .info, .biz, .com, and .net

calendarYou should allocate a maximum of 10 days as transfer processes may take this long depending on the type of transfer that you use.

serverIf you will choose to move only your domain name to your new provider, your database will remain unchanged and your files will also not be moved. This is a much convenient type of transfer as it will only involve simple manipulations online.

title-decoSteps of Domain Transfer

Before doing the actual transfer from BlueHost to iPage, you will have to first register with your new provider in order to get your account ready. After that, follow these simple steps:

thumb Unlock the domain name that you want to transfer

thumbObtain the required authorization code

thumbGet to your new account which is with iPage

thumbPut in the domain name that you are planning to transfer and click on “Add Existing Domain”. Next, hit on “Add”.

thumbChoose the domain name you had previously entered and drag it in order to open the domain settings dialog.

thumbPut the Transfer Authorization Code and hit on the “Transfer” button.

thumbVerify the changes that you have made by opening your email containing the verification mail.

thumbLock your domain to keep it from online hackers who might want to steal your page and its contents.

thumbFor a better detailed tutorial of the steps, log on to: http://www.ipage.com/support/ tutorials/view_tutorial.bml?kbid=6093