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How to Set Up a Shopping Cart on iPage

cart-iconIf you have tried shopping online then you must have used a shopping cart. The shopping cart is a program that takes care of your online catalog, item inventory, and item orders. Your customer can shop around your size, pick the item/s they want and store it in the shopping cart.

thumbThe shopping cart will keep track of the other items selected until such time that the customer is ready to check them out.

title-decoiPage Shopping Cart

ipage-logoBy default, ShopSite is used by iPage because of its features. There are also other CGI-based shopping carts utilized by iPage should you wish not to use ShopSite.

title-decoShopping Cart Parts

The shopping cart consists of two parts:


thumbAdministration area


store-iconThis is the part that visitors will see and access on your site. Your various products are listed here where users can easily look at them. Aside from the catalogued items, the storefront contains the payment terms and conditions. There may also be shopping tools for the visitors such as a search bar.

thumbThis is particularly important if you have plenty of items on your site.

title-decoAdministration Area

controlpanel-iconThis is the control panel of your e-commerce site. This serves as your control center should you wish to configure your store and edit the products that you are selling such as size, color, and price.


shopsite-logoShopSite is an award-winning shopping cart for both small-sized and medium-sized businesses. iPage offers three ShopSite Shopping Cart to cater to your needs.

thumbShopSite Starter

thumbShopSite Manager

thumbShopSite Pro

title-decoShopSite Starter Features

If you are a business that is just starting and have few items to sell, this is for you.

thumbCan place up to 15 items and 5 pages.

thumbSetup can be done with a store wizard with themes to choose from.

thumbSecure ordering

thumbGlobal web editing software

thumbSupports dual currency

thumbAutomatic receipts to customers

thumbFlexible shipping and handling

thumbTax by zip code

thumbE-mail marketing

thumbFree in most hosting plans

title-decoShopSite Manager Features

ShopSite Manager is ideal for businesses that have many products and offer promotions and other specials.

thumbUnlimited items and pages

thumbTemplates can be customized

thumbCan place “on sale”

thumbStore search is possible

thumbBulk uploading supported

thumbPower editing tools

thumbSupports mobile

thumbOrder download into Quickbooks

thumbIntegrated with Google Analytics


title-decoShopSite Pro Features

ShopSite Pro is for businesses that have a vast product range and require extensive managing.

thumbCoupons for sales and discount


thumbGift certificates

thumbCustomer loyalty program

thumbBarcode support

thumbTracking for associate program

thumbQuantity and bulk order discounts

thumbFacebook store

thumbInventory tracking


wallet-iconYou can actually save more when you subscribe to annual plans as compared to the quarterly plans. You will be able to save $60 which you can then use to add more to your inventory.

title-decoHow to Install Shopping Cart

SimpleScripts make installation easier with just one click. The simple steps below are guide for installing the shopping cart.

thumbLogin to iPage.


thumbGo to your control panel.


thumbClick on Continue to SimpleScripts.


thumbOn the next page, there will be a notification about InstallCentral. Continue to the next page.


thumbYou will be presented with a list of applications that are possible for your website.


thumbGo to e-commerce category and select the shopping cart that you prefer. The choices are as follows: (OpenCart, ZenCart, OSCommerce, Magento)


thumbClick the Install button.


thumbYou will be directed to the next page where there are instructions on how to finish the installation including some information that you have to fill up.

Installation will take a few minutes depending on the type of application that you have installed.