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How to Process Credit Card Payments on iPage

cc-iconUsing credit card for transactions both online and offline has been very useful. Credit cards eliminate the need of having to carry cash wherever you go. If you need to buy something, you just have to present that plastic card found in your wallet and you can buy anything you want as long as it is within your card’s limit.

thumbHowever, online, not all websites or business sites support credit card payments.

e-commerceWhen you have a business website, it is very helpful that you accept credit card payments. This is a plus factor and you can expand your market. The good thing with subscribing to a reliable web hosting provider such as iPage is that you can get credit card support.

iPage has two offers for using credit card support:



Both of these will need to install a payment gateway on your website so that you can start accepting payments via credit card.

title-decoSelling Online

iPage has a variety of tools and services to help you start with your online selling business. Before starting, you need to know some of the following things:

credit-cardAbility to accept payments is very important to have in your site unless you plan on just giving your items for free.

Your customers will then find a way to pay for the products that they bought depending on the mode of payment that they can choose from. iPage solutions vary whether you sell a lot or only sell a few. Make sure to choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

cartShopping cart is where shoppers can place the items that they are going to buy. After they shopped around, they can pay for all of the items all together.

These things may sound hard especially for beginners. But the good thing is that these tools can easily be acquired in iPage and you will find out that it is pretty easy.

title-decoHow to Create an Online Store

thumbFirst, you have to install a shopping cart software.

thumbYou can use the Drag and Drop Site Builder to create your e-commerce site.

thumbIntegrate Drag and Drop Site Builder with Shopsite.

thumbYou can also opt to create your store using ShopSite.

shopsite-logoShopsite has a lot of features that can assist you start and manage your store. This includes taxes, shipment, and payment and order management options.

thumbShopSite also supports email marketing by allowing you to build an email list.

title-decoAccepting credit cards

The iPayment solution gives you the option to accept credit cards on the items bought from your site. You have to have an account with iPayment:

thumbLogin to the control panel.

thumbChoose iPayment under the e-Commerce section.

thumbClick Apply Now if you wish to create an account. If you want to know more, click on learn more.

thumbUpon approval, you get instructions on how to integrate iPayment into the shopping cart.

title-decoIntegrate iPayment into Your Site

ip-logoAfter you have an account approved by iPayment, you will get the instructions on how to start accepting credit cards on your shopping site.

To integrate iPayment with ShopSite, here are the simple steps to follow:

thumbLogin to ShopSite

thumbChoose Commerce from the icons and then Payment.

thumbPick the credit cards that you want to accept on your website.

thumbScrolling down, you will see a credit card processing section. Choose Authorize.net and then configure processor.

thumbFill up the form.

These simple steps will now allow your site to accept payments with the use of credit cards. Remember that accepting credit card payments is a huge plus for your business.