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How To Buy iPage Hosting (special discount link $1.99/mo)

title-decoAbout iPage

ipage reviewiPage is a web hosting provider that has been able to come up with one of the most reliable yet affordable plans.

thumbIt is also liked by many because of its advanced features and easy to use tools.

ipage reviewsIt comes with an interface that can easily be navigated through even by inexperienced builders. It has captivated thousands of subscribers to date and is continually making more clients. iPage would help you create your dream sites with its professional layouts and styles that can surely woo the whole online community.

title-decoCoupon Codes on iPage

fatcow review If you want to save more on iPage aside from the affordable plans that it offers, you can also look for what we call coupon codes. These are discounts that are found on the web. They are in a form of images that you can click on to get redirected to a page where you can sign up for a certain service at a special privilege discount.

thumbThe availability of coupon codes may not be permanent so it is advised that you grab the chance of using it once you will be able to get hold of it.

fatcow reviewsThis type of discounts may give you up to 75% off from the regular price of a certain iPage plan that is stipulated on the coupon. This will surely be a huge saving on your part as a subscriber. You can also still enjoy the exact same service that a plan in its regular price would be giving you. Here is a link to some of the websites that usually offers such coupon codes:




title-decoDiscount Links on iPage

flag-iconAside from coupon codes that are found on the web, you can also take time to look for discount links. These are links that are presented on certain sites or pages that will allow you to move to a page where you will be able to get discounts for your iPage plans.

thumbThe difference that it has with coupon codes is that these are seen as hyperlinks while coupon codes are in the form of clickable images.

search-iconYou can mostly get hold of these links on review sites shared by previous people who enjoyed the same discounts. If you really want to get additional discounts, then take time to look for these things. They are not really flaunted directly but they are also not that very hard to find. You just need a little extra effort.

title-decoGo for the $30 trick

money-iconCoupon codes and discount links are spread on the web but there is another trick that you can also try to be able to get discounted. This is labeled to be the $30 trick. This was mentioned on one of the reviews made by an iPage member.

If you are still on the process of signing up with iPage, you can follow though these simple steps to be able to get a better offer:

thumbFirst, start signing up with iPage through this link: http://www.ipage.com/join/index.bml?AffID=626159


thumbKey in the domain that you would want to register. This can either be an existing domain or a brand new one. This will depend on your choice.


thumbThe third step is the crucial part of this $30 trick.


Once you are on the page that will ask for your billing information, try closing the browser. Doing this would prompt iPage that you are choosing to terminate the process. To keep you on track, iPage will immediately offer a discount. This can be from $30 to $70 off from the original plan rate. This will only be available for a short time so you might as well grab it while you still can. Get full details to this trick by visiting: http://ipagereview.ipage.com.