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How Much Do Extra Domains Cost On iPage?

title-decoChoosing Your Domain Name

os-iconThe domain name is the name of your website. It is the address that you have type on the address bar to get to a website. It helps to keep your IP address from being known by your visitors. With a domain name, it doesn’t matter if your IP address keeps on changing, because this will remain constant. Domain names consist of three parts:

thumbTop Level Domain or TLD. These are seen at the far right of a domain name. They can be generic or country coded. Examples of top level domain are .com, .eu, .org, .net, .gov. They are also known as domain extensions.

thumbMid-level domain is the name of the website itself. This is the one that you choose to identify your website.

thumbTop level domain and mid-level domain are separate by a dot.

controlpanel-iconOnce you have decided to create your own website, you need to think of the domain name of your site. It is important because this is what your visitors will type in to the address bar to get to your site. There might not be a chance to change this in the future, so you have to choose a domain name wisely.

thumbA great tip in choosing a domain name is to make it easy to type, easy to remember and keep it as short as possible.

title-decoYour Domain On iPage

ipage-logoiPage is a web hosting service provider that gives you the best value for your money. With iPage, you can register one domain for free for a year. Getting your own domain with iPage gives you a lot of benefit such as:

thumbIt gives your site a professional image

thumbIt builds credibility to you and your business

thumbMakes your website easy to remember and have a brand recall

thumbChoose from a variety of top level domains that you would need for your website.

link-iconiPage has made registering your domain easy. Even if you already have an existing domain, with iPage, you can transfer it to iPage’s server easily as well. Aside from this freebie for your first year with iPage, you will get great basic services, and even add-on services that can help to enhance your website.

title-decoManaging Several Domain

computer-iconThere are some people who manage several domains. They may create different websites for their businesses and even create their own personal one. At iPage, you can have more than one domain registered with your account.

thumbYou can create your first domain first, and then transfer your existing as your second domain with iPage.

tool-iconEvery time you register for a new domain, it would go directly to iPage’s DomainCentral. iPage DomainCentral is one of their tools that make managing domains easier for you. With iPage’s DomainCentral, you can see all information about the website domains you are handling, such as the expiry date and renewal option.

thumbYou can add and edit services, and even renew all the domains you have at the same time.

title-decoCost Of Extra Domain With iPage

Your first domain with iPage is free for a year. After that you need to renew your domain, or you will lose it. The renewal cost for the domain is the same as the regular price for iPage domain rates.

wallet-iconThe fee of domain registration for a year would cost $14.99, but it can be lower or higher, depending on the top level domain that you’ll be using for your website. For example, a .com extension is priced at $14.99, .info extension costs $12.99 per year, and .cc extension will cost $34.95 a year.

Since it’s only your first domain that will be free for a year, you have to take note that your second, third or fourth domain will be charged with the regular iPage domain rate.