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Does iPage Put Ads On My Site?

ad-iconIt is generally practiced that those websites being offered for free to web developers come with ads on it. This is done so as to be able to generate revenue for the web provider that is hosting that specific free website. This is also an advantage for beginning webmasters who are still exploring their options.

thumbIt enables them to put up their own pages without having to pay for it.

title-decoiPage and its Ads

flag-iconTo the question if iPage puts ads on your website, the answer would vary. If the page that the client is getting from iPage is absolutely free with no monthly payments or annual fees, then the answer would be “yes”.

thumbThis is done because they also need to have their own revenue and clicks made on the ads would mean money on the part of the web hosting provider that manages your site.

wallet-iconHow can you get rid of these ads to put up a site in which all the contents are truly yours? It will simply be through committing with any of the iPage plans. These are offered at reasonable and affordable prices. It also comes with a wide variety of additional benefits.

thumbThe best thing about it is that it is free from ads and you can control all the things that would be displayed on it.

title-decoAds on your iPage Site

Ads on your websites are not really that bad for your page. It may sometimes be an advantage for you if you have them on your site. Let us take a look into the conditions in which iPage can put on certain ads on your page:

windowIf you choose to park your site– sometimes, if you still don’t have anything to put on your page, you would end up having spaces where errors will be shown.

These are spaces that should have been placed with picture or other details but since you were not able to fill it in with anything, it will show as an error. You can then “park” your site so that those spaces can be filled in with ads for the time that you still don’t have anything to put on it yet.

walletIf you are using a free website– a web hosting provider may provide you with free websites but then again, since they are commercial sites, they need to gain revenue.

They do this by putting ads on your site. Each click on the ads that they integrate on your page would enable them to get money. This could be considered a win-win situation as you are able to get a free space on the web while your provider is also able to generate an income for themselves.

title-decoWhy Park your Domain?

Parking your domain may be viewed as a disadvantage because of the ads that it will be putting on your site, but there is actually a great advantage to doing it. These are:

bugInstead of showing an error page on the parts of your website that are still empty, you will have the ads to cover it up and make it look like it is in its full functioning.

The visitors coming in to your page would not be able to get the impression that you are still working on your site, or worse, that your site is not properly constructed and is not reliable. The ads would make it look like it is all done and functioning well.

tagWith the ads on your page covering the error pages, people would also see that your domain is really working.

Having errors on your page may make them believe that your site is a mess. This is solved by having the ads seen instead of errors on parts of your page.