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Does iPage Offer Website Templates?

computer-iconiPage offers multiple features that enhance the website design of the website owner. This includes the use of templates that look professionally designed. This encourages the website owner to make their website more comparable to other websites even though you do not have to go through manually designing it.

thumbThe difference between the design of a professionally done website and website designed by a new website owner is only minimal.

wallet-iconThe reason for this is that iPage templates makes website designing easy especially when the Essential Website Building Guide is used. Making the website on their own is dependent on the amount of time that website owners have as well as their budgets.

thumbThe Drag and Drop Site Builder allows the website owner freedom to express their creativity since the website can be later edited by adding elements as well as features in the web pages.

Some website owners would prefer to have their website professionally designed but this is considered to be expensive in the initial phase.

ipage-logoiPage offers a number of design packages that may include features such as marketing, e-commerce and informational sites while making your website appear custom-designed.

Additional features may also be added to the website which includes blogs and a content management system since it is easily installed.

title-decoNumber of Templates being Offered

tool-iconiPage has a website builder application which is made to create and publish web pages for the website owner. The website builder is perfect for beginners that do not have any previous experience in web programming or considered themselves to be out of date when it comes to website development.

thumbThe website builder is perfect even for advanced website owners since the source codes do not have to be modified.

title-decoEasy to Use Templates

blog-iconThe beauty of the website builder is that this is done by the click of the mouse since it only needs to be clicked, dragged and dropped. The use of the website builder can be compared to the use of Microsoft’s Powerpoint program.

Your website will need to have a template that is considered by you to be complementary since there are hundreds that are already pre-made. You will only have to choose what you think is the perfect one for your website. After deciding on the web page theme you will need to choose additional elements to be dropped to where you want it to be located such as Buttons, Tables, Pictures, and even Textboxes.

title-decoWeebly Drag & Drop Site Builder

weebly-iconiPage offers its own website builder which is the Weebly Drag & Drop Site Builder. This is because the Site builder is already compatible with iPage and its offered hosting packages so that website development is easier for the website owner.

thumbWebsite owners can easily select from offered templates using a few mouse clicks.

Weebly is also a web hosting provider which is offered for free in iPage. But iPage rents the site building capabilities of Weebly so that the website owner only needs to use its drag and drop features.

title-decoAdvantages of Weebly

thumbWeebly is considered to be one of the best site builder application

thumbHas samples of professional looking website designs

thumbEasily creates a website design in minutes

thumbCreate and make changes to the website without uploading FTP files

thumbYour website can be easily edited in real-time

thumbThe changes are automatically updated without sacrificing the visitor website experience

thumbWeb development is considered to be both fast and simple to make

title-decoDisadvantages of Weebly

thumbIt must be used when the website owner is online since it is an online application

thumbCan only be used after you have logged in your web hosting account