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Does iPage Offer Website Backup?

phone_backup-iconWhenever you get a new phone and you need to import all of your contacts to the new phone, doesn’t it get a bit frustrating that you have to do it all over again? Don’t you sometimes wish that you have backed up the data and just transfer it to your new phone so that you can use it immediately?

software-iconAnd sometimes, don’t you wish that you backed up your data before your laptop crashed? All of your important documents, photos, experimental videos and more — can be compromised if the machine that stores it conks out unexpectedly. This is why backing up services are so popular these days.

Things like Google Drive, SugarSync and the ever popularDropbox are gaining popularity because of this. Even Apple has its iCloud to help you sync and backup your various gadgets.

thumbThis is the same thing with web hosting. Data is very important and you must do all that you can to preserve it, including routine backing up.

title-decoWhy do you need to backup your data?

shield-iconWhen you back up your data, not only do you save yourself the hassle of worrying if something happens to your original copy, you also save help ensure the integrity of your data. You protect data from being abused and hacked when you routinely back it up since you can easily hit the reset button and recreate your site in minutes, with new protections in place.

You can also easily restore data in the even that the host gets corrupted or your own physical machine conks out.

thumbBacking up data is an easy thing to do, very inexpensive and absolutely necessary in maintaining your website.

title-decoAutomated backup – yearly rates

link-iconThere are two main types of backup services – automated and manual. Automated backing up means you can schedule the date and time that your site will be backed up so that you won’t forget!

If your site is hosted by iPage, here’s what you need to know about their automated backup services:

thumbIt costs a bit over $1 per month or just $12.95 per year, very affordable even for startups.

thumbCan be bought as an add on to your usual iPage hosting account

thumbHappens daily so that all of your incremental changes are recorded and saved in your backup process

But what if you want to do your own backing up?

title-decoManual PC backup – via vDeck

pc_backup-iconManual PC backup can also be done with iPage by just opening your vDeck admin console and look for the Restore and Backup buttons. You can dictate how often you do the backing up and it saves all of the information to your own PC. Some helpful tips and reminders:

thumbSet an automatic alarm, in your iPhone or in your PC, to help remind you about your scheduled backups

thumbConsider getting an external hard drive to save all of your backed up information, especially if you are handling multiple sites. There is less chance that your external storage will be damaged in use, as compared to your laptop or PC.

thumbConsider keeping the last 5 iterations of your site. Anything older might not be useful anymore, unless you have lots of memory to spare.

title-decoWhat may happen if you do not back up

If you decide to not backup your data, be sure you are ready to accept the following consequences:

thumbSome of your updates might not be saved and you may be required to recreate them from scratch

thumbIf your site gets attacked or hacked, be ready to recreate everything that you have built in the past