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Does iPage Offer Monthly Payment?

title-decoFinding The best Web Hosting Service

os-iconIn creating your own website, one dilemma is finding the right web hosting service. They should be able to cater to your needs, and give additional service or support if needed. There are other factors to consider, and these are just some of the list:

thumbEasy to use and set up website.

thumbAdd-on services when you need them.

thumbAdditional protection and security.

thumbLow fees with flexible payment terms.

thumbFull customer support, especially when something goes wrong.

With a lot of hosting providers to choose from, you need to consider the track record of these providers basing on other people’s review or opinion with them.

thumbWhat you need is a quality web hosting service. After all, you deserve the best.

title-decoiPage And Why This Is The Best Choice

ipage-logoiPage had been around for more than 10 years, and is trusted by a lot of people. With iPage’s experience and track record, they had been providing quality hosting service for all kinds of websites – may it be small or big, for personal or even for business.

iPage gives you a lot of reason why this is the best choice as your web hosting service provides.

thumbiPage has created tools that are flexible. Their tools are simple enough to be used by beginners and experts. There are several tools and site builders that you can choose from – may it be shopping carts, blogging tools, photo gallery and more.

thumbNot only can you easily access the tools you need at the control panel, iPage also give free add-on services such as free advertising credits on search engines, search engine optimization tools, PC backup, security applications and much more.

thumbiPage’s team cares about your satisfaction. They made the user interface much easier, and they do schedules tests to make sure everything is working for you.

thumbWith iPage, you can be sure that your website and email will always be reliable.

thumbYou can reach the customer support right away. They will always be ready to help you out with your question and troubleshoot any issues that you encounter with the service.

thumbYou can get freebies and great deals from iPage’s partners.

thumbiPage offer Anytime Money-Back Guarantee when you wish to cancel your service.

thumbYour website will be environment friendly.

thumbiPage gives the best protection and security for your website.

title-decoAn Incredible Low Monthly Price

wallet-iconQuality service does not mean high price, and iPage has proved it by offering their services at a low cost, and this is their advantage from their competitors. iPage offers a low monthly fee of $2.95, but its ongoing promo reduces this monthly fee to only $1.99 for the first three months.

thumbCompared to other web hosting service providers, you can save up to $7 a month for iPages hosting services.

With iPage, you get what you pay for, and more. Although this monthly price is inexpensive, you have to take note that you still need to sign up for a 1 year, 2 year or 3 year plan, and the whole amount of the plan you chose will be billed for the whole amount of the plan you have chosen.

title-decoYou Get What You Pay For

addon-iconAlthough iPage has a low monthly fee, it doesn’t mean that the service you get would be very limited. iPage offer more that you can think of. With the low monthly fee, you can get the following at no extra cost:

thumbUnlimited disk space, bandwidth and email addresses

thumbFree domain registration

thumbFree security suite

thumbFree site building tools

thumbFree search engine and marketing credits

thumb24×7 customer support through phone, chat or email

thumb24×7 network monitoring

thumbAnytime Money-Back Guarantee

thumbOnline help center

You can get add-on services at an extra cost, depending on what you or your business needs.