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Does iPage Offer A Dedicated IP Address?

book-iconDo not be afraid to learn more about the technical things about your website. Sooner or later, you need to understand these terms and it is best to get things going once you encounter them.

We are here to help you understand what is an IP address, why do you need it and is it something that goes with every iPage web hosting account.

title-decoWhat is an IP Address?

add-iconAn IP address is like your house number on the street. It refers to your exact location and it is a permanent number assigned to every computer within a network. But just like houses, sometimes, there are many occupants in a single address, like in the case of a condominium or apartment complex.

You must remember this analogy as we go through this article since this will really help demystify what an IP address is and how it relates to your website’s security and content.

title-decoWhy do you need a dedicated IP address?

A dedicated IP address means you are able to go straight to the address (via the IP address number) without having to go through the domain. Remember when you usually visit a website, you type in its domain like:




After typing the URL, you are then directed to the contents of the page. With a dedicated IP address, you can just key in a series of numbers corresponding to the actual machine address, like this:

thumb74.125.235.20, which is the IP address of Google.com

thumb205.251.242.54, which is the IP address of Amazon.com and

thumb31.13.68.16, which is the IP address of Facebook.com

Having a dedicated IP address means that you can upload files to the site directly using an FTP client since you know the exact address. You can also remotely access the deep roots of the site.

thumbBut sometimes, you don’t need this kind of access, especially if you don’t really need it or worse, don’t really know what it is for.

title-decoDedicated IP vs. Dedicated SSL

shield-iconIf you want extra protection for your site, you can always have a dedicated SSL. One of the reasons why dedicated IP’s are not shared to web hosting clients is that you actually share the IP with several other players.

Remember our single home vs. condominium analogy? An iPage hosting is like getting a unit within a condominium or apartment building, which means a lot of other customers are sharing the same IP address. If you have dedicated access to it, what happens to the other tenants in the building, right?

title-decoWhat exactly do you get with iPage?

ipage-logoiPage also does not issue dedicated IP addresses to all of its tenants because in the event that they need extra servers to beef up their support or need to move your hosting somewhere else, your dedicated IP address may suddenly change without prior notice.

thumbSo to be really clear, you don’t get dedicated IP addresses with iPage.

But what else can you get with your iPage hosting account? Remember that this is a shared hosting solution so you are not the sole occupant and user of the servers that you are using. With iPage, you get:

thumb100% green energy powered by wind energy

thumbUnlimited email accounts and MySQL databases

thumbUnlimited storage for your files (as long as you abide by their terms and conditions)

thumbUnlimited data traffic or bandwidth between the site and the server, also assuming that you abide by the iPage terms and conditions.