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Does iPage Let You Own Your Site?

title-decoWhat is iPage?

ipage-logoiPage is a world renowned web hosting provider that has been existing in the web for over a decade now.

thumbIt has been able to make its way to the top 10 web hosting providers as it offers a user-friendly interface and a bunch of easy to use tools.

As compared to a lot of other web hosting providers, iPage offers affordable plans and other exciting perks. Here are some of the many advantages of iPage:

tools It has tools that can easily be manipulated even by beginning developers.

thumbs-upIt also has an interface that is built to be user-friendly and easily understandable even to inexperienced builders.

man-userIt has a lot of professional templates that can be used depending on the type of theme that you want to employ for your site.

wpIt has a WordPress support that can be used for blogs or other online postings.

walletIt includes a money back guarantee.

icon_search_altIt involves free yellow pages listing.

serverIt also comes along with an unlimited MySQL database.

gearIt assists you for any upgrade in the service that you want.

speakerIt also gives marketing credits for huge websites including Yahoo and Facebook.

title-decoWho Owns your Site?

owner-iconiPage brings you closer to your dreams by helping you build your own site. It is also great to know that the ownership of the site you created with them would belong to you. This is practically because you are paying for your site. iPage is just there to guide you through the construction.

thumbSince the ownership belongs to you, it will be your full duty and responsibility to manage your site well.

Here are some of your responsibilities as the site owner:

thumb Keeping your contents original and away from any forms of plagiarism.

thumbMaking your site known to the World Wide Web.

thumbCreating engaging contents that will keep online guests interested and wanting to come back.

thumbDealing with questions or concerns about your page.

thumbIn lining your contents with the latest trends.

thumbApproving advertisements that will boost your site and not pull it down.

title-decoThe Owner of the Domain

os-iconYou own the site that you are paying with iPage. This means that the domain that comes along with it is also your possession. It is just iPage who will be guiding you through the entire time and will be helping you out with your site construction and its publication.

thumbYou will have the full authority to choose the name that you would want to have for your site.

You will also have the right to decide whether you want to stop using your domain or to continue utilizing it after a certain contract with iPage will be over.

controlpanel-iconYou can also choose to add more domains according to your need. This will be your full responsibility as well. It is best that you keep only as much domains as you really need so that you will also be able to individually manage them properly.

title-decoContents Transferred from One Domain to Another

pc_backup-iconIt is absolutely easy to transfer certain contents that you like from one domain to another. You would only need to redirect the URL of those contents to the domain in which you would want the transfer to occur. You can check on your admin dashboard.

thumbYou will have an option there that says “Domain Redirection”. You would first need to enable the redirect feature.

on_off-iconThis is an on and off button that you can see on the screen. After that, you will have to key in the URL of the domain in which you would want your contents to be transferred to. This completes the process.

thumbEveryone will now be able to see the contents on your new chosen domain.